Saturday, 31 March 2012

Decoupage Distress

Soooo, a couple of weeks ago I tried my hand at some simple decoupage.  Following a design idea on last months Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine ( (issue 102), I attempted a pink and purple flower card.

The idea was simple enough: use two identical sheets of backing paper, stick one to the card and create the decoupage with the other by cutting shapes out and sticking them on over the identical bit of the backing paper with a sticky foam pad to make it all stand up.  Of course, as usual, this was easier said than done . . .

In my geniusness, I decided to use spray glue to stick the whole bit of the backing paper to the card blank.  All well and good in theory, until you remember that it gets everywhere, sticks everything to everything else, and is near impossible to wash off.  Result: one kitchen worktop now covered in glue and a note to self to cover the whole room (ceiling included) with old newspaper and dust sheets before using spray glue again.  On the plus side, the paper did stick to the card.

The next step was to cut out small shapes from the other sheet of backing paper.  The original plan was to cut out all of the butterflies and flowers, but after cutting out one butterfly and one flower, I got bored and decided that having only about a third in decoupage would add character to the card.  Such small items are fiddly to cut out.  It’s my own fault though, I should have realised this.  It took me about twenty minutes to cut out what I thought would be enough shapes (which wasn’t a lot).

Then came the easy bit – sticking the decoupage on. This was simply and just involved sticking a small foam pad to the back of the bits I had cut out and then lining them up to the same picture on the card.

I finished my card by cutting out letters from purple glitter card to spell ‘Mother’ and sticking these to the top left-hand corner of the card.  The finished product I think (hope) is quite effective, and I hope that the Mother likes it.  

Happy crafting.

Holly xx

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