Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Easter Eggcitement

So, I never really get that excited about Easter other than for the extra couple of days off work I have to catch up with everything.  I think I have even reached the stage where I am not that bothered about getting an easter egg – I still love chocolate (Galaxy is my favourite), but it doesn’t have to be egg-shaped – a large bar will suffice.  It is unfortunate to say that as I have got older, the religious aspect has been lost on me too – I know what its all about, which is more than can be said for most kids these days, but I’m not particularly religious and it has all become a bit too commercialised.

Anyway, this year I have found something about Easter that I am excited about . . . Easter Cards!  There has been loads of ideas and designs in my various craft magazines over the last couple of months an it would have been rude not to try some  . . .

My main inspiration has been Lets Make Cards! (www.letsmakecards.com), the last issue of which even came with a little easter card kit, which included card blanks, ribbons, sentiments, chipboard accents, and even a stamp!  It also had a step-by-step guide on how to make some cards.  I used the cards features as inspiration, but made them my own with various bits and bobs from my craft stash.  These ‘inspiration cards’ did, however, encourage me to try some new card shapes, away from the original folds and detailing.

I particularly liked the stepper card I made – a shape I had never even considered previously.  I don’t remember ever seeing anything like it before, but it was very simple to make: 

Turning the card landscape, about half way along I cut the card to about two thirds of the way down on both the front and the back (it wasn’t and doesn’t need to be an exact art).  I then scored the front and the back of the card at the same point approximately halfway down from the cut to the edge of the card.  I then folded these bits to make a concertina.  To finish the card, I glued a chipboard bunny, which had come in my kits, to the front of the folded part and two cardboard egg motifs and an ‘Easter’ sentiment (also from the kit) to the plain part of the card, and voila! . . . one easter card.

Another of my favourites is the bunny aperture card,.  This was also quite simple to make, although did require some care cutting out the aperture (although I consider cuts an occupational and regular hazard).

From a green card blank I cut a circular aperture from the top half (I think I used an upturned mug as a template).  I then lined the inside back of the blank with some bright spotty paper from my paper stash so that it showed through the aperture.  I also found some cute easter egg paper and glued a strip of this to the bottom of the front of the card.  The card was finished by attaching a chipboard bunny over the aperture and an ‘Easter Joy’ sentiment to the centre of the easter egg paper.  I also attached some flower-shapes confetti to the front of the card as a finishing touch.

These are just two of the cards I have enjoyed making for Easter.  I’ve also made others, trying out different techniques such as stamping, using stickers and creating my own backgrounds.  I’ve got some more to make yet and I think I will try embossing some, but that’s another blog post . . .

Happy Crafting!

Holly xx

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