Thursday, 22 March 2012

Elegant Embossing

So, I’d been inspired by an old issue of Crafts Beautiful ( to try my hand at heat embossing.  It wasn’t something I’d considered or knew much about before, but the effect looked great.  The only problem was I needed a heat tool, and I didn’t really have any spare cash.

I didn’t really know where to start looking or how much one would cost me, so I did a bit of internet research (mostly Amazon and Ebay) to find out exactly what a heat tool was and how much one would cost.  To my pleasant surprise, they didn’t seem that expensive (and in case you were wondering, they are a bit like a mini hairdryer).  I could and probably should have ordered one there and then, but I didn’t want to pay a fortune for postage and foolishly thought that I would be able to pick one up in town one lunchtime easily enough.  Oh, how wrong I was . . .

A week of going into every shop I could think of that sold anything crafty did not produce a heat tool.  I even had all the girls at work looking for one (after I’d explained exactly what one was).  Eventually, I found one on the Hobbycraft website ( for £13.99, but postage (as always) was quite steep and my nearest Hobbycraft is not in the centre of town, so would require a special Sunday trip.  So, I continued to trawl Ebay.  About six weeks later, I was finally successful in winning one for under a tenner (including postage) on Ebay.

White waiting for my heat tool to arrive, I went to Craftwise ( to get some clear ink (for use with coloured embossing powders, which I had also ordered from Ebay) and some clear embossing powder (for use with coloured inks).  After that, I just had to wait for my heat tool to arrive, and I was so excited when it did!

Once I had all the bits I needed, I decided to spend an evening practising on bits of scrap card to get the hang of it, but I really didn’t need to – it was so easy:  You stamp your image, quickly cover it with embossing powder and then with the heat tool melt the embossing powder on the stamped image.  I used coloured ink and clear powder, as my coloured powders hadn’t arrived, and I stamped loads of different images, which are all now safely stored away in a box for future use on cards.

I decided to use the technique to make a mother’s day card for my step-mum and I loved the effect, as did she.  The clear embossing powder intensifies the colour of the stamped image and gives it a glossy finish.

My coloured powders have now arrived, so I think a little experimentation is in order to see what happens when I use coloured in with coloured powder.  I’ll keep you posted . . .

Happy Crafting!

Holly xx

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