Monday, 19 March 2012

Mother’s Day Madness

So, Mother’s Day is always a busy time for any crafter, but I think mine has been busier than most.

Not only have I had to negotiate the political minefield of the whole mother/step-mother situation, which is stressful enough at the best of times, but as the only non-mother in my family, who doesn’t live in Army Barracks (my little sister is in the Army), it falls to me to organise the mother’s day shindig and ensure that all those that are mothers in the family don’t have to cook for the day.

The mother/step-mother situation had already been stressing me for weeks.  They do not get on!  In fact, it has taken a few years for the mother to actually acknowledge that the step-mother exists, and bearing in mind both me and my little sister lived with Pops and the step-mother for a while, I think that is quite a feat on the part of my mother.  I hate for my step-mother to feel left out, or that we think less of her than we do the actual mother, because she has been good to us the last few years, and even let me move in with her and my Pops when I split up with my ex and had a choice between there and the mother’s.  But at the same time, it is important to the mother to think that she is much more important and gets much better presents/cards etc.  In fact, I think in her head we don’t do anything for the step-mother, evidenced by her asking why we had gone to see Pops yesterday . . . oops!  Anyway, I think (hope) I got the balance right this year . . . both got flowers, mother’s a bigger bouquet, and after all I did host the mother for tea, whereas I just visited the step-mother.

My decision to organise tea also stressed me greatly . . . I had originally suggested and hoped that we could go out for lunch, but lack of funds on the part of my big sister put an end to this, which was in its way a blessing in disguise, as my bank balance wasn’t looking too healthy thanks to a mess-up with my wage.  So the result was that I would now host my mother, my big sister, her partner, my two nieces, and my grandma and grampy in my little cottage, along with my mother-in-law and father-in-law to be.  All this, despite the fact that I can’t cook, unless its lasagne or fajitas!  So, fajitas it was.  At least they seemed to be enjoyed by everyone, but I was certainly ready for them to go home at the end of the day so I could restore some order to my house.  I do love my family, but they do make a mess and interfere.

Despite all this stress though, I had still managed in the last couple of weeks to make some mother’s day cards, a few of which I sold, and a few of which I used for my own mother-type people.  My favourites of the ones I sold though has to be the ‘mums are like buttons’ range, inspired by a recent issue of Crafts Beautiful magazine (, from which I always get inspiration, although I usually adapt quite a lot.  I also enjoyed trying out the new techniques for the cards I made for my mother-type people . . . decoupage, heat embossing etc.  Hopefully, next year I will have more time to make and sell some more, and maybe try out some new techniques.

Happy Crafting!

Holly xx

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