Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wedding Wonders

Soooo, first of all, a great big congratulations to my auntie and uncle who finally got married this week, after 16 years together.  Second of all, boooo to them for not telling any of us about it until after and thereby doing me out of a new hat!
Anyway, a text from my auntie Wednesday lunchtime informing me that she was now my ‘proper auntie’ first gave me a heart attack from shock – it was rather unexpected and I’m still wondering how they managed to keep it a secret.  Admittedly, living an eight hour drive away helps, but nothing in my family ever stays a secret.  Second, it then caused panic as I had no wedding cards made or any ideas for them.  I had thought that I had a few more weeks before the wedding season kicked off. 
Luckily, I quickly developed an idea in my head for something a bit different – too romantic, cutesy or slushy would most certainly not be appreciated.  A couple of weeks ago I’d downloaded a digistamp of a sketched bride and groom, so I printed this off and cut it down to the correct size.  I then layered this to some yellow mulberry-type paper, which I then layered onto some plain white card, which I then layered onto some yellow corrugated card.  I then positioned this near the top of a white card blank.

I already had some wedding sentiments printed out, so I layered one of these to some more yellow mulberry-type paper, and positioned near the bottom of the card blank. 
The finished product is, I think, a little quirky and fresh, perfect for my auntie and uncle, even if the groom on the card does have far too much hair to be a true representation of my uncle.  A bonus of it is that it is quite simple to reproduce and can be matched to other colour schemes (I made a blue one a few days later).

I’d just like to say that I’m really glad my auntie has properly joined the family now, despite the concerns I now have for her sanity.  I can’t wait to see them in June when we all go on holiday, and when I have been promised a proper party, to which I intend to wear a new hat.
It seems that the wedding season has now started as I’ve just been commissioned by my friend, Sobia, to make a card for a wedding she is attending in a couple of weeks.
Happy Crafting.
Holly xx

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