Sunday, 29 April 2012

Magazine Inspiration

Soooo, I get a lot of the inspiration from my projects from the crafting magazines I buy each month.  The main three are: Crafts Beautiful, Lets Make Cards and Cardmaking & Papercraft (C&P).  I have subscriptions to Crafts Beautiful and C&P, and I intend to subscribe to Lets Make Cards when they have a really good subscription offer!

 I buy the magazines both for inspiration and for the freebies that come with them.  They are all released on a monthly basis.

Lets Make Cards has a full card making kit with each issue, including card blanks, backing papers, motifs, die cuts, embellishments, ribbons etc.  Sometimes you also get stamps.

Crafts Beautiful and C&P have different freebies each month.  In the past I have had embellishments, backing papers, stamps and card blanks.

Many of the products I have made have been inspired by projects in my magazines, usually changing them slightly to make them my own.  They've included:
  • pin cushions
  • patchwork cushions
  • cards
  • baby blankets.

All the pictures on this post have been inspired by projects in the magazines.  I'm sure more will follow . . .

Happy Crafting!

Holly xx

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