Sunday, 8 April 2012

Patch Test

Sooooo, I've started making the patchwork cot quilt for the twins.  So far I've cut 205 squares of fabric, with only another 35 to go.  Anyway, I got bored of cutting fabric, so decided to start making the patches.  I've made the first two and this is the result:

I followed instructions from an old issue of Crafts Beautiful ( to make the indiviuals patches.  The patches are made from two pieces of fabric - one 15cm square and one 8cm square, and one 9cm square piece of wadding.  The patches are quite simple to make (once you get past the nearly burning fingers stage):

Using a 9cm square template in the centre of one of the larger pieces of fabric, fold the corners of the fabric into the centre and iron the fold to create a seam.  Then fold in the straight edges and iron those edges too to create a seam.  I've been using a travel iron as it is easier to use a smaller iron, and I hope I'm less likely to burn my fingers.  Its also more portable so I could take it to work to make some patches on my lunch breaks.

Anyway, back to the patches.

Insert a piece of wadding into the centre.  Then fold over the edge of the smaller square of fabric and iron to create a small seam.  Put this on the larger piece of fabric to cover the exposed wadding and sew with a small running stitch.

It is quite time-consuming to make the patches (about 20 minutes each) but I'm hoping this will speed up with the more I make.  It's my project for this month, so at least I have plenty of time . . . only 68 more to go anyway. 

Happy Crafting.

Holly xx

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