Monday, 16 April 2012

Review: The Hard Sell - How Not To Buy Stampin' Up Products (Part 2 - Booking a Workshop)

Soooo . . . . following on from my earlier rant, this is the concluding part of my Stampin' Up experience . . .

Sooo, I finally got my stamps a fortnight after I had actually ordered them.  In the meantime, I had worked at the pub (The Fox & Hounds in Cookridge) with my lovely manager, Bex.  I'd mentioned the workshops to Bex, who thought they could be a good idea, although we both knew we would have to have a further think about formats, costs etc.  I said I would ask the rep if she would be interested in helping us out. 

When the rep dropped off my stamps, I mentioned the workshops idea to her, explaining that we had no idea of format etc. yet as it was still a fairly new idea.  She seemed reluctant to give me an answer there and then, which I thought a bit weird as surely it is at workshops that the demonstrators make their money?  Anyway, she said she would get back to me.

A few days later, I received an email from her saying she would need some more information - how many people there would be, how long it would take and exactly what we wanted to make.  I replied, explaining (again!) that the idea was still very much in the early stages and we were hoping for some guidance from her (her being the professional in this area).  Anyway, I finally got a reply a few days later, saying that she would need to charge £5 per person and need numbers beforehand. 

Needless, to say, I thought that was quite expensive, especially as the plan had been to donate our proceeds to charity, which I had explained to her in the beginning, and I think I would struggle to charge £5, let alone more in order to make some money for our charity (yet to be decided).  So, we've now decided to go it alone and I will be running the workshop myself, and its back to the drawing board for some ideas . . . It may not end up being quite as professional as it could be, as I've not run a workshop before, but I will learn as I go along, and hopefully we will make more money for which ever charity we choose to support,

Soooo, I'm unsure about my Stampin' Up experience.  I still have a catalogue and do like the look of some of their products.  They have some snowflake stamps that would be AMAZING for my wedding invitations.  I think I'll reserve judgement for the time being and maybe try a different rope, hoping they aren't as pushy as the one I've met so far.

Happy Crafting.


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