Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Too Many Babies

Soooo, at the last count, I know of seven babies being born this year.  Is it a baby boom year or something?  Either way, I know I will be busy making new baby products for myself, let alone anyone else.  So, I thought I would share a few of the products I have already made:

This first one is the first new baby card I made:

The bear is a fabric die-cut bear I had in my craft stash.  I can't remember where I got it from, which is really annoying me, as between me and my nieces, I have used all the bears I had.  I wish I had a die-cutter of my own so I could make some more.  As it is, I will have to attempt to cut some out of some fabric.  The bear was just stuck onto a piece of white card, which in turn was matted to some blue paper.

The 'Its A Boy' ribbon I bought from Craftwise in Leeds.  It is sticky-backed ribbon, so was easy to stick onto the card without getting glue everywhere. 

The 'Congratulations' was a stamp that I embossed with blue embossing powder, and the balloons were balloon confetti, with the string drawn on with a blue glittery pen.

The next card was made with a pink version of the bear I used in the above card:

I glued the bear to a piece of white card, which I then matted to some pink card.  I then stuck lace around the edge of the pink card, attaching it to the back, and then attached the whole thing to a blank white card, adding a 'congratulations' under the bear.

To finish off, I attached some pink footprint ribbon to the bottom of the card.  This was again sticky-back from Craftwise.

Inspired by this card, I then made the following card for a friend:

As I'd run out of fabric bears, I had to use a card bear on this one and chose a silver one so that it would stand out against the pink glittery backing card I had chosen, and match the silver balloons I had chosen also.

Along the bottom I stuck some 'It's A Girl' sticky-backed ribbon.

My friend wanted this personalising with the baby's name, birth date, time and weight.  I bordered this with some pale pink ribbon and made a bow to finish off the card.

All of the cards above could be made in blue or pink, or even neutral.

The final card I have done so far is an idea I adapted from Cardmaking and Papercraft, and I intend to do a 'How To' on this card:

I really like this card.  I like the design and it is easy to reproduce in any colour scheme and with whatever papers you have to hand.  I did this one in neutral colours.

Finally, as I've already posted, I've made some cot/pram quilts for the twins when they arrive.  I've made these in neutral colours, but could make them in any colour scheme.

I'm now trying to think of designs for a card for my friend when she has the twins, as the cards I have done so far are just for one baby.  I've got a few ideas and will keep you posted . . .

Happy Crafting.

Holly xx

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