Monday, 23 April 2012

Twin Trouble Finished (For Now)

Sooooo, after finally making 70 padded patches (please see my recent ‘How To’ post), I was ready to sew them together to make to cot/pram quilts for the twins, who are due in a couple of months.  I thought I had a bit more time and that I wouldn’t have to have them ready until the babies were actually due, but my friend has decided to have her baby shower next week, so I thought I had better get on with it.
Sewing he quilts together was actually easier and quicker than making the patches.  35 patches were needed for each quilt in a 5 x 7 patch design.  All I needed to do was decide on the pattern and then sew them together.

I sewed 7 rows of 5 patches, using whipstitch, with the patches face to face, so the stitching wouldn’t show on the front. It still looks quite neat on the back.  Then I sewed the 7 rows together in the same way.  I had hoped to sew them together using my sewing machine, but unfortunately it is broken, so I had to sew them by hand.  It has taken me two days on and off to finish the quilts, but that’s nothing compared to the three weeks it took me to make all the patches.  I blame the ironing involved with the patches.  Up until having to do these, my iron was just an ornament.  I’m sure it would have only taken me half an hour if my sewing machine had worked.  Still, at least that is them done, as is the trouble with a friend having twins over, until they learn to walk, talk and answer back that is.  Me and my sisters together are bad enough, I can't imagine how bad twins would be. 

Anyway, I like the finished products, as does everyone I have shown them to, including my mother, who is always my harshest critic (after myself of course).  I also enjoyed making them, and am waiting for the next baby (hopefully only one this time please) who might need one.  A warning to my sisters though, the two nieces I have are plenty enough thank you – only babies outside of the family from now on!
Happy crafting!

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