Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bank Holiday Bonanza

Sooooo, it's been a busy weekend.  In fact, its been a busy week, with going back to work after a week off and feeling creative again!

I may have another day to go, but I feel as though I have done loads this bank holiday.  I know I've made loads that's for sure.

First off, I got in from work on Friday night with my new copy of Lets Make Cards (review to follow) and made a project from that.
I then made my niece, who will be 7 on Monday, a pin cushion, as she seems to be getting into sewing.  I also took the pics for a How To when making this, so I will write that shortly for you all.

Saturday morning, for some very strange reason, I was wide awake at 6am (that's just not natural), so I got up, made a chocolate cake ready for a coffee and a catch up with my best friend, Jo, then I made some cards.  Then Jo came round and we dealt with her heart-break, although she has got to the angry rather than upset stage now, which is always a good stage for a gossip.  Then in the afternoon, I tried out some more makes from Lets Make Cards, ready to write my review.

I made this 3D butterfly card for my Grandma, just because she has been brilliant recently, and I always feel that I don't show my appreciation enough.  Plus, she is butterfly mad.  It looks complicated, but was actually quite easy, and the effect is amazing.  I took it to her today and she loved it. 

Then I made this woven card, because I liked the look of it more than anything, and I thought it was a new technique to try out.  The instructions said to use a die cutter to make the apperture, but as I don't have one, I had to improvise with some wavy scissors.  I think I did OK considering, but I really really really want a die-cutter.  However, I am unlikely to get one anytime soon, as my bank took two loan payments this month, without telling me, and after I had already made an extra payment to pay it off quicker.  Anyway, that's another rant.  But it looks like I will have to wait until my birthday for a die cutter, unless I miraculously come into some money.

I also made an engagement card for my cousin, who got engaged in Rome on Friday.  He did it properly, unlike my fiance, who proposed rather drunk, with a Haribo sweet ring, after demanding I take him to the shop to buy him said Haribo.  He then complained when I ate the ring . . .  Anyway, as I told my niece today, to teach him the consequences of his actions when drunk, I held him to that proposal and we are getting married in December.  She just looked at me daft.  I would just like to point out, that is not the reason we are getting married - I do actually love him, and I want the big dress . . .  

Back to the card though, it was quite simple to make.  I cut two hearts from some paper I bought last weekend from The Range, and then made the rings out of some coloured wire wrapped around the end of a marker pen.

I also got my first craft fair booking on Saturday for June.  Its only local, but I think it will be better to start small with these things.  It means I need to get on with making some more stock though.

Saturday evening, I went to my friend's baby shower, and finally delivered the cot/pram quilts I had made.  I think she liked them.  Then I came home and made some more cards, in particular a stock of wedding cards, a birthday card for my dad from my sister and an engagement card for my cousin from my sister.  My sister is my best customer, when she pays me!  I can't moan too much though, she does feed me on a regular basis and provide me baking and with shopping trips.

I also made a needle case for my Grandma, as when we were sewing a few days ago, I noticed that her needle case looked positively ancient, which it turns out it is - she confirmed today that it is in fact older than me, so I think the new needle case will be appreciated.  I will do a How To on this shortly too, as it was quite simple to make, but looks great.  I already have an order for one for my big sis, to go with the sewing box I bought her for her birthday, which as she informs me is currently an ornament and she needs things to go in it.  I have some lovely purple fabric (her favourite colour) I could make hers with. 

Anyway, I finally finished that at about half past midnight and took myself off up to bed.  

Sunday morning, I got up super early again.  I'm thinking there is something wrong with my body.  That's three mornings in a row I've been awake at 6.  This is a time I had previously believed there was only one of in a day.  I didn't bake this time, but made my auntie's 50th birthday card, which is in a couple of weeks, but she doesn't live local and was visiting today, so thought I would save myself  some extortionate postage.   

I then toddled off to my Grandma's to see said auntie.  Then Sunday evening, I made a fairy godmother card for my friend Mandy.  She's not approved it yet, but I hope she likes it. 

So this is on top of the things I have done during the week, which includes making the Hannah Montana card (see previous post), baking (gingerbread men) and fixing my friend's stuffed toy, Warrior the Wrestler, who needed his muscles repairing (re-stuffing).  

Monday will no doubt be spent at my sister's for my niece's birthday (I bought the Chipmunks DVD - see previous post) and if I have time I will be making some more cards to stock up for the craft fair.  I also need to write my review of Lets Make Cards and my How To on the pin cushion.  I shall keep you posted . . .

In the meantime, as always . . .

Happy Crafting.

Holly xx

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