Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Curse of Hannah Montana

Soooooooo, my niece turns 7 on Monday, and is a proper princess.  I really don't know where she gets that from at all :-s  I have had her birthday present order of the new Chipmunks film on DVD.  I think it may just kill me to go into a shop and buy it, but these things have to be done for these children creature things.  I've tried to convince her that she would much prefer something like Hairspray (she already has Mamma Mia and Grease) that I would happily watch with her, but it looks like I will have to sit through the Chipmunks film, and I just know it won't be the same as the proper cartoon was when I was a kid . . . Alvin, Simon, Theodore!  Doop doop doo do doo do doop!

Anyway, back to the present day. . . .

As she is such a princess, I had a proper princess card all sorted in my head to make for her - it would be pink and sparkly and have a princess and loads of girly things on it.  Unfortunately, as children do, she shattered my dreams by announcing that 'Auntie Holly Fabulous, for my birthday, please will you make me a Hannah Montana card?'  Bleeding Hannah Montana!  I do believe I have watched every Hannah Montana episode available at least three times - I don't even have to watch some of them anymore, I can just repeat the whole script.  A bit like I can with Shrek and Grease, but that is just cool!  I do feel that I am cursed by Hannah Montana!

I would like to point out that I have nothing actually against Hannah Montana as a character, or Miley Cyrus as a person, I am just experiencing Hannah Montana overload . . .

My pretty princess products

Anyway, I couldn't very well say no could I?  She's said please and everything.  Plus both girls always have me wrapped around their little fingers.  They are the closest I'm probably going to have to children of my own after all.

So, I didn't say no, but I have been trying to convince her ever since to have a princess card.  I've been checking with her every week whether she still wants a princess card or a Hannah bleeding Montana card, but she stayed resolute in her Hannah Montana choice.  We even went shopping this weekend and I bought some princess card making things during my raid of The Range whilst she was with me and I let her choose them, but she still wants a Hannah Montana card. 

Anyway, I have finally given in and made her a Hannah Montana card.  I'm quite impressed with it if I do say so myself.  I don't think I could have made in any more glittery or pink.

I had the idea in my head, and it seemed like it would be quite simple to make.  However, I remembered incorrectly what card I had in my stash and underestimated the annoyingness of glittery card.  My original plan had been to make a square gate-fold card from hot pink card, which I mistakenly thought I had a few sheets of.  I don't know where I got the idea I had hot pink card from, but I didn't.  I really should remedy this.  Anyway, what I did have in my stash was some pale pink glittery card, which I thought would be just as good, as my niece, I swear, comes from the land of glitter really.  Everything is glittery and pink! 

So, to make a gate-fold card from an A4 sheet of card - you simply measure along the long edge 7.5 cm from each side and fold in at that point.  You then have an A5 card that folds out both ways, like a gate, hence the name.  However, I didn't have any A5 envelopes.  What I did have was some square envelopes.  This is not normally a problem and I have cut cards down to this size on many occasions before.  I have my trusty mini-guillotine, measure the card so it is as tall as it is wide, and chop away.  My guillotine is just the right size to fit an A5-wide piece of card or paper in, so is perfect for the job.  However, my trusty mini-guillotine does not like glittery card, or glittery card does not like my guillotine . . one or the other.  It feels like I'm cutting through very course sandpaper.  After a bit of perseverance it did work though, without me getting too annoyed, and voila!  I had my card blank.

My trusty mini-guillotine

I had already printed out a picture of Hannah bleeding Montana.  In fact, I'd printed out two, just in case.  I matted this to a piece of scrap card using spray glue - be warned, it is very sticky and gets everywhere.  I advise covering the whole room in newspaper before using spray glue.  Once this had dried (I had some tea and watched Bang Goes The Theory whilst waiting), I then very carefully cut out Hannah.  My plan was to use my wonder product (double sided sticky tape - I see why Blue Peter loves it so much now) to attach Hannah to one side of the fold, overlapping the other.  However, double sided sticky tape doesn't like glittery card (or glittery card doesn't like double sided sticky tape).  Not to worry, past experience has though me that PVA glue and glittery card do get on, so I stuck the Hannah picture with PVA. 

I also had some darker pink glittery card, so I cut a star shape from this and used stuck it to the opposite side of the fold.  This was my darling fiance's suggestion, which was actually good, but I think he was just thinking of ways to make me stay out of the way longer so he could watch the football.  Its OK though, I'm quite used to this!  Again, I had to use PVA.  From this card, I also punched some little flowers and hearts.

In my craft stash I also had some pink glittery letters and numbers, so I decided that down one side I would write my niece's name - Georgia.  I had to make sure I got this right, as she informed me a week or so ago that I could call her either 'Georgia' or 'George', not 'Georgie', as all the family have called her since she was born, as apparently she doesn't like being called that.  I consider myself told and instead I now call her 'Tallulah'.  I don't think she likes that either, but if she's going to be picky, I enjoy winding her up.  I also put a 7 on the other side, and surrounded this with the flowers and hearts I had punched out of the dark pink glittery paper.

So, the card has three shades of glittery pink and a Hannah Montana on it.  I think it will be suitable.  And hopefully, next year she will have moved onto something else . . . although I dread to think what it will be.

All is not lost on the princess front though.  My other niece is turning out to be quite girly, and the princess things had some butterflies in that I can use on my grandma's birthday card, later this month, as she is butterfly mad.  So at least my money wasn't wasted and I will keep you posted with my makes.

In the meantime . . .

Rant over!

Happy Crafting.

Holly xx

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