Sunday, 27 May 2012

Engagement Extravaganza

Sooo, it would seem that along with a wedding season, we are developing a bit of an engagement season:  I have made three engagement cards in the last two weeks and another one not long before that.
The first one was for my longest-standing friend who got engaged (for the second time to the same guy) a couple of months ago.,  I was reading some Jane Austen at the time, as you can probably tell by the card.  However, the fact that I am reading Terry Pratchett at the moment, thank god, does not seem to be influencing my cards too much.   An engagement card with wizards, dwarves, death and a suitcase with hundreds of tiny little legs would probably not be appropriate.

Anyway, back to the card . . . This one was made as I was just starting out making cards again.  I loved the romantic picture, which I simply backed with some gold paper, which I’d cut using some wiggly scissors.  I used some purple hearts paper as a background, sticking it to the card blank with some spray glue.  Repeat warning on spray glue – it gets everywhere – use with caution and cover the whole room, and yourself, in old newspaper first.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, my cousin got engaged.  It all sounded very romantic and proper (in Rome, down on one knee), not like my engagement (drunken stupor, haribo ring).  Anyway, I had two cards to make for his – one from me, and one from my sister.  For the card from me, I went with an entwined hearts and rinks theme, with this rings made from some coloured wire wrapped around a marker pen.  For the card from my sister, I chose to do shadow hears, using coloured and newsprint –style paper.

The final card was for my step-mum’s niece.  I’m not sure how this proposal went, but I’m sure it was better than drunk and with a haribo ring.  The card I made here was also based on the entwined hearts, but no rings on this one.  Instead, I used other detailing, such as ribbon and heart-shaped buttons. 

So, there we are . . . it would seem that this is now the time of year to get engaged, as well as married.  Although, as usual, in this circumstances I am defying convention . . . I got engaged in winter, and I’m getting married in winter!  Ugg boots anyone . . . ?
Happy Crafting.

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