Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Crafting Wish List

Soooo, the more I get into crafting, the more I realise I need more things - tools, materials etc.  I've been having a think about it over the last week or so and these are things I want, I mean need, the most.  I'm sure I'll change my mind and add to my wish list as I see more things and learn more crafts.  The main problem I envisage is that my birthday isn't until December, so its not like I can ask for contributions as birthday presents as people with more conveniently timed birthdays can.  Instead, I will have to save up and buy these things myself.  So, I need to get earning more pennies. 

Anyway, back to the list:

1. A Working Sewing Machine

A working sewing machine would be AMAZING.  It would make my life so much easier.  It takes about twenty times longer to sew by hand and if I had a working sewing machine I wouldn't have to bother my Grandma all the time to borrow hers when I want to make larger things I can't sew by hand, such as dresses and tablecloths. 

I do have a sewing machine, which was given to me, it just doesn't work.  I think it needs a new belt, or it could just be that it has got too old and is giving up.  However, I am struggling to get hold of the local sewing machine repair man.  I must have phoned him nearly every day for the last three weeks, but there is no answer and he never calls me back.  So, I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that a new machine may be the way forward.  I have been looking around and this Bernina 830 (, featured in this month's Sew Magazine, would do nicely.  However, I do not have a spare £6,400, so I will settle for a more modest one, like this Singer 7463 (

2. Die-Cutting Machine

Again, another thing that would make my life so much easier and my crafting so much quicker.  I figure that it would also be dual purpose, as it cuts through fabric and paper/card.

For those of you who don't know what a die-cutter is, it is a machine that cuts shapes for you.  You sandwich your card/paper or fabric between a cutting die and a cutting plate, run the sandwich through the machine and the shapes will be cut for you.  It certainly saves time and faffiness compared to using scissors.  It also usually gives a better finish.
These aren't particularly expensive, but its not often I have spare cash.  I'm also not particularly fussy which die-cutter I have, as most dies are interchangeable between the brands.  The most popular (and maybe prettiest) seems to be the Sissix Big Shot (  I would not, however, turn away a ProvoCraft Cuttlebug ( or a Spellbinders Grand Calibur (

3. Silhouette Cameo

Similar to a die-cutter is the Silhouette Cameo (  This is not something I really need, but it would be nice to say I have one.  I kind of decided I needed one after reading a feature on them in Lets Make Cards magazine (  They are a bit expensive though at £250 - £300.

The Silhouette Cameo is basically an electronic die-cutter.  It hooks up to your PC and you choose the shape you wish to cut from the included software and size it.  You then feed your card through the machine and it cuts out your shape for you.

The benefits of this over a normal die-cutter is the ability to size your
 shape and that it can take larger pieces of card.

4. Adjustable Tailor's Dummy

Again, this is something I don't strictly speaking need, but I would really, really like one, as it would make making my own dresses much, much easier.

As it is, help is generally needed for fitting clothes I make for myself to ensure that darts/lengths etc. are correct, because if I have to mark these myself they usually end up wrong, as I have to change from my usual body shape (bending/stretching) to mark the fabric.  An adjustable dummy like this one would solve the problem:  I could set the dummy to my shape, size and (lack of) height, and fit all my clothing makes to that, knowing that it would then be right. 

They are certainly not cheap, but cheaper than I thought, and I think would prove invaluable.

So, that's my wishlist for now.  Should anyone wish to buy me any of these, or the manufacturers send me any for free (favourable reviews will be written), then please feel free . . .

In the meantime . . .

Happy crafting.


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