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Review: Cardmaking & Papercraft Issue 105 (June 2012)

Sooooo, how excited was I when I got home on Wednesday to find the new issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft had arrived - not least because I had seen a preview of it in the previous issue and had hunted high and low for a stamp that had featured.  It was a fisherman stamp which I wanted to use to make a birthday card for my dad, but I couldn't find it anywhere.  Never mind I thought to myself, I'll wait for the magazine to arrive and I will find out then and use it to make a father's day card.

Anyway, unusually, I didn't open the magazine straight away as I had some thank you cards to make for a friend and had my mind set on making those.  In fact, I didn't open the magazine until about 8.30, after I'd finished glueing my fingers together with spray glue and had a gourmet tea made for me by my fiance of beans on toast.  You don't get much classier than that do you, but I am feeling totally uninspired by food at the moment.

On looking at the magazine cover, I'm sorry to say that I felt a bit uninspired - none of the cards really jumped out at me and it seemed a bit drab - not really summery at all.  I hoped that inside the magazine would fair better.

The letters page, thankfully , was a bit brighter, with some bright cards made by readers.  I love the Top Tip on the letters page, which suggests using old CD racks to store Promarkers and rubber stamps.  I've been wracking my brains recently trying to think of some storage solutions - this may be one to consider.  But to be fair, anything has got to be better than the millions of old ice-cream tubs I have stacked up everywhere.

Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky winners of the subscribers this month.  Fingers crossed for next month though.

As always, the magazine has an article on how to use your freebies, which this month was a Raspberry Road Design Luxury Paper Collection.  I like the 'Just to Say' and 'Thanks' cards, as they stand out as being a bit different from the others, most of which I think are a bit old fashioned, but that's just my personal style and taste, and as my step-mother tells me - I definitely have my own style.

There are some cool jubilee-inspired ideas for all sorts - cards, invites, drinks holders, gift bags, and other things.  My favourite has got to be the 'Say It With Diamonds' invitation, which I showed for a friend who is about to start making her wedding invitations, and she loved it too.

This issue has all the usual suspects - How to make the cover card; quick makes, none of which inspired me greatly; bonus papers, which are floral and butterfly themed this issue; Leonie Pujol's column, which has a nice, if fussy, floral card; the agony aunt section, which has ideas for attaching polymer clay to cards, advice on heat embossing and stitching card; 10 minute makes, which again are floral and butterfly themed; and finally, Joanna Sheen's column, which this issue features a cat card.  I'm really not a fan of this card.  This may be because I'm not a cat person, in fact I have an irrational fear of the feline creatures and will actually cross the road so I don't have to walk past one.

Giveaways in this issue include:
  • Beatrix Potter goodies
  • Portobello Road goodies
  • Floriography CD set
  • Fancy Pants design goodies
  • Sissix pro die-cutting machine
  • Craft show tickets
  • Tonic Studios adhesives   and
  • Woodware goodies.
As always, I have entered all of these, do fingers crossed.

As you can imagine, with this being the June issue, there are a few father's day card ideas, but not as many as I was expecting.  'Dearest Dad' uses old photographs of dads and their kids to make some lovely sentimental cards, which are a break from the normal dad cards of beer and/or sport (no good for my dad who is interested in neither really).  There are also some father's day cards in the 'Quick Makes' article, which again break from the norm and feature robots.  These look as though they would be great to give to dads from younger kids.  I think I will make up a couple and see how well they sell.  'Love You Dad' has a shirt-shaped card, and is featured as one for kids to make.  '3 Ways With Sketches' also has some father's day ideas, including the stamp I wanted (which turns out to be a digistamp, which can be found here:, and a Boofle card.  For those of you who aren't in the know, Boofle is a little knitted dog-type thing that seems to be the current trend amongst crafters at the moment.

My favourite cards in this magazine are 'Embellish Flowers' in '6 Ways With Charms . . . ' and 'Blue Skies' in 'Recycle with . . . Lollipop Sticks'.  I now need to collect lollipop sticks in order to make this card, although I may change is slightly because, as my friend Nat says, 'it needs a sheep!'.

Other features of note in this magazine include:
  • Sugar and Spice - a stamping know how by Dena Concience, using cute Lili of the Valley stamps.
  • a masterclass in how to make paper beads, which seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment.  I might try to make these with my niece, as she loves to accessorise.
  • Bon Voyage by Tracey Grundy shows you how to make suitcase-shaped cards.
  • Jo Neville has some cool ideas in '5 Ideas for the Girls', which uses Kraftin Kimme Greek goddess stamps.  Nat suggests that the 'Best Wishes' card could be adapted for Valentines day.  Although it features Artemis, she does have a bow and arrow in her hands a la cupid.  I'm tempted to make the 'I Am A Goddess' card for my little sister, as even if nobody else does (and in her opinion, we all should), she believes that she is a goddess.  I think I like these cards because I'm a lot of a history geek, Greek mythology being one of my favourite things to study.
  • Sharon Armstrong shows you 'How To Use . . . Watercolours' in The Colour Clinic, another thing that seems to be trending at the moment.
  • There is also a feature on readers' favourite craft tools.
  • Finally, Clare Buswell's pretty designs in 'Picture Perfect' show you how to use PennyBlack Stickeroos.
So, now I need to go buy things to make some cards . . . First though, to download the fisherman digistamp.

Happy Crafting.


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