Monday, 7 May 2012

Review: Let's Make Cards Issue 51

Soooooo, I was excited on Friday morning to go get the new issue of Let's Make Cards, even if it did mean spending my last tenner and getting off the bus a stop early so I could nip into Tesco before work.

The card making kit with this issue is a Summer Garden card kit and includes:
·         An iris folding template;
·         Card blanks;
·         Funky backing papers;
·         Co-ordinating chipboard and die-cut accents;
·         Foam shapes;
·         Ribbons;
·         Gems;
·         Mini-buttons; and
·         Flower gems and embellishments.
I love the summery feel of the outer packaging, and the magazine in general.  It certainly brightens up the otherwise miserable weather we are having at the moment.
From the outer packaging I am excited by the Floral Effects card, the flower card shaping card and the butterfly thank you card.  I am also intrigued by the paper filigree card.  On the  cover of the magazine itself, I am loving the watering can card shaping card.
This issue has loads of little tips scattered through the magazine, with step-by-step photos and instructions, including how to:
·         Make an aperture;
·         Make fray-free ribbon ends;
·         Make an envelope (I’ve attempted this myself this weekend);
·         Make a concertina spring (just like I learnt at school);
·         Make a beaded charm (the card kit has everything you need to do this);
·         Make paper beads (which I think I might try out)
·         Use foam pads;
·         Use a craft knife to cut acetate:
·         Make a simple pop-out;
·         Make a four-sided card); and
·         Fix pearls and gems to cards.
I have noticed in this issue that dotted throughout are labels indicating the difficulty of each project.  This may have been in previous issues and I’ve just not noticed, but I think they are a good idea, especially for those people who are a bit unsure of their skill levels.  I have often looked at cards and wondered whether I would actually be able to make them or whether they would take forever.  The labels are:  ‘Crafter’s Choice’ which are time-saving designs, but with great results; ‘Really Really Easy’ for beginners; ‘A Little Effort’ which explain more advanced techniques in detail; and ‘One To Master’ for those wanting a challenge.
The first feature in the magazine is ’15 Gorgeous Cards Using Just Your Kit’.  This has some great ideas, and I love ‘So Sweet’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Just to Say’ (which I have made) and ‘Offset Card’.  I am also loving ‘Spring Time’ and ‘Flower Power’ in the feature ‘6 Cards Using The Graphic Silhouette Cameo’.  However, I don’t have a Graphic Silhouette Cameo, nor am I likely to get one any time soon, as they are £285.  I think this is something to put on my wish list (along with a die cutting machine) as I love the cards in this feature.  For the time being, I do have an amazingly talented fiancĂ© when it comes to IT techie things, so I’m going to get him to make me some templates so I can recreate these two cards.

I also like the Woven Greeting card, by Corinne Bradd (who is fast becoming one of my faves), which I have attempted my own version of.  As I don’t have a die-cutter, as shown in the instructions, I used wavy scissors to cut out the aperture, and I don’t think I have done a bad job of this.  I particularly like that this feature has step-by-step instructions, which photos.

I have attempted the 3D butterfly card in the ‘8 Greetings Using Summer Shapes’ feature, adapting it to my own colours, but this could be made using just your kit.  I also used wires to create the antenna.  I also used my own butterfly template, which was an old butterfly-shaped card, as I couldn’t find the template within the magazine, but I may have just been not looking properly – it wasn’t on the template page in my copy anyway, maybe it’s online?  I made this for my grandma, as she loved butterflies.  I also made my own envelope to go with this – the first time I have attempted to make my own envelope.  I also like the ‘Paper Shaping’ card in this feature, which I think I will make for my grandma for her birthday at the end of the month, as it features a butterfly.  This is also a Crafter’s Choice card.

Finally, I like the ‘Flower Birthday’ card in the ‘4 Mini Makes Using Flower Blanks’, which has the ‘A Little Effort’ label, but I am going to attempt.
This issue also has the usual features, including Corrine Bradd’s column, Trends and Treats, which lists some of the fabulous events and goodies in the shops now and the letters page, which features me (yay!).
The magazine also has features on how to make cards using left over ribbon lengths, some beginner makes, how to use pretty papers and create layers and iris folding.  In honour of father’s day (I’m guessing) there is a Crafters’ Guide to Cardmaking for Boys and Men, which has some ideas on colour schemes, textures and cards.  There is also a feature on crafty holidays. 
Finally, there is a feature on Shelli Gardner, the co-founder of Stampin’ Up.  Her story is truly inspirational, and proof that you can do anything if you really put your mind to it.  As previous posts will show you, my experience of Stampin’ Up so far has not been a good one, but from reading this feature in Let’s Make Cards, it is clear that that particular representative was not true to the Stampin’ Up ethos of a soft sales approach.  So, I may be tempted to make another purchase of Stampin’ Up products, but from a different rep.
Needless to say, I am loving this issue, from the summery feel of it, to the projects.  You can tell how much I like the projects by the fact that I have copied some of the designs exactly (other than for colour etc.), rather than just using them as inspiration, as I usually do.  This issue is definitely the best so far that I have purchased, and exceeded my expectations.  I’m now looking forward to the next issue, but may attempt some more projects from this one first.
In the meantime . . .
Happy Crafting.
Holly xx


  1. I also looked for the butterfly template, sadly it's not in the magazine. I have scanned each page :(

  2. Hi JKN,

    I've been in touch with Let's Make Cards, who have told me that the butterfly template is on the iris folding template sheet that came as part of the kit with this issue - simply cut it out and draw around it.

    Hope this helps.



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