Sunday, 13 May 2012

Thanking You

Soooo, last week I got my first large card order.  It was from a friend for some personalised thank you cards.

My first problem was how to personalise them.  My friend wanted each person's name on the front of the card, which would have been quite simple if it had just been one person's name, but some of the cards were to families, which needed four names.

I toyed with a few ideas - flowers with their names on, but that wouldn't be very manly for those cards which had men's names on them; a sheep with the words 'Thank Ewe' as something a little quirky, but I couldn't fit all names on easily, or actually figure out where to fit names on.

Anyway, I had a true Eureka moment - I was in the bath and everything - suddenly inspiration struck whilst I was thinking about an engagement card I had made recently, on which I used a heart cut from newsprint 'congratulations' paper.

I took this idea of newsprint paper and printed the names required on each card.  I then used this to cover the whole front of the card to be the background.  I then cut from various papers letters to make up the work 'Thank You'.  This took forever, as the order was for 14 cards, and this totalled 112 letters to cut out.  I even roped in Nat on Thursday lunchtime at work to help.  I may now have blisters on my fingers from cutting, but I did get them all done. 

That was the hard bit over at least.  All I had to do now was attach the letters to the cards.  This was quite easy, just time consuming.  I finally finished them somewhere close to midnight on Thursday and delivered them on Friday.  Job done.

I think my friend like them.  They are certainly different anyway.

Now, to wait for some more orders . . .

Happy Crafting.


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