Sunday, 20 May 2012

Things I Have Made This Week

Soooo, its been a busy old week for bespoke orders, but I can't complain.

The first order was from my step-mum, whose niece has just got engaged, so ANOTHER engagement card was needed.  I know its wedding season, but I didn't realise there was an engagement season too.  She liked the idea of the entwined hearts on the card I had made for my cousin a couple of weeks ago, so that was to be the basis of the card.  Other than that, I had free reign to do as I pleased. 

I cut the hearts from some paper I had in my princess paper pack (at least I am getting some use out of it - even if it was gazumped by Hannah Montana for its original intended use).  The paper had birds and the word 'Love' written on it, and I think it is quite a romantic pattern.  I then stitched the edges of the hearts to add some detailing, but also because I wanted to see what it would look like.  I also attached some loops made from sheer organza ribbon to the hearts.

I chose a background paper from the princess paper pack, as I knew it would compliment.  I then attached a strip of think white satin ribbon to the right hand side of the card and attached three heart shaped buttons towards the top.  I attached the entwined hearts slightly to the left of centre and finished the card with a silver 'congratulations'.

My step-mum seemed pleased with the card (I hope).  Her comment was that 'they won't have another card like it.'  I'm choosing to beleive that this is a good thing.

Anyway, then on Tuesday, I got to work and got orders for four more cards.  The first of these was a 50th birthday card for Debby's auntie, with the instructions (and I'm paraphrasing here) 'she likes walking and latin music.'  I decided to go with the latin music theme and for some reason had a desire to go with a black and lime green colour scheme and this is the result:

I decided on a gatefold card, similar to my recent Hannah Montana card (please see previous post), with a silhouette of latin dancers.  I found the picture on the internet an dtraced it, then transferring it to black card.  I then coloured it in with a silver metallic marker and attached it to the card so that it was overlapping the card opening.  I then drew musical notes around the border in silver pen and to finishe, attached a green patterned chipboard '50' to the top right-hand corner. 

Two of the other cards I had orders for were very similar - a variation on my cupcake cards in pink themes, with lace and the sentiments 'special friend' and 'fabulous friend'.  These were quite simple to make as I already has some cupcakes embossed and coloured in, so they just needed cutting out and sticking to the card.  For the background, I used some papers I had got with a recent issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft.  I also used some of these papers to border the sentiments and the cupcakes.  I put a further border of lace ribbon around the cupcakes.  I finished these cards with a ribbon bow on one and some diamante gems on the other.

My final card from this batch of orders was a 70th borthday card for Carly's mum.  She wanted it to be vintage and feature a Mabel Lucy Attwell print.  Carly found a print and emailed it to me as an example.  As I couldn't find a better print, I decided to use that one. 

I cut out the print and backed it with some green flower paper from a Boofle paper pack.  From the same paper pack, I used some patchwork paper to cover the card and make a background.  I attached the print to the right-hand side of the card and cut a '70' from gold card, attaching this next to the print.

I then backed a sentiment with blue checked paper and attached this to the top left-hand corner of the card.  As a finishing touch, I tied a bow in some blue gingham ribbon and attached this to the top right-hand corner of the print.  I then attached a pink flower gem to the knot.  Et voila!  Card finished. 

The final order I completed this week was a short notice personalied new baby boy card.  To make this, I covered a card blank with blue gingham paper.  I then embossed a sentiment at the centre top of the card.  I printed the baby's details (name, date of birth, time, weight) in blue and bordered this with some sticky-backed ribbon (sticking my fingers together in the process).  I then attached this to the botrtom right-hand corner of the card and attached a paper teddy to the upper left-hand side of the card with two silver balloons, drawing a string from the balloons to the teddy.

To finish the card, I tied a small heart-shaped button to a large blue button, and tied some thread to a small blue button.  I attached these to a length of white satin ribbon and attached this to the bottom left-hand side of the card.

Other than sticking my fingers together on numerous occassions, I enjoyed making this card, as it involved a few different techniques. 

In between all this, I have been making things for my upcoming craft fairs, such as ladybirds, bees, butterflies, and I have started a new baby blanket (although only one this time).

I now have orders for three more cards - a 70's rainbow 40th birthday card (this should be interesting), which I intend to make Monday night, and two cards based on the birthday card I made recently for my grandma.  Thank god I have already made the cards for the 4 birthdays I have this week.

Happy Crafting.


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