Monday, 18 June 2012

Craft Fair Debrief

Soooooo, it was my first ever craft fair on Saturday at Swinnow Community Centre, and what a horrible rainy day it was.

I was concerned when I got up on Saturday morning that I wouldn't make it through the day thanks to a horrible trapped nerve in my back, which means sitting/standing/moving is extremely painful.  In fact, I'm laid on the living room floor writing this as it is the only place remotely comfortable.

Anyway, with the help of my wonderful fiance, who had had to help me put my tights on, I managed to pack up all my things and get them in the car, along with a very comfy chair I borrowed from my Dad and Step-mum. 

I had made a load of cards, including fathers day, which was Sunday after all, some pin cushions and some needle cases.  My amazing sister, Kay, had helped me with last minute preparations on sewing, card making and helping me put my socks and shoes on!

Soooo, we set off and got all the way to the cash machine in Horsforth so I could get some money out to pay for my stall and realised that Phil had left my bank card at home.  So around we turned back to Rawdon to pick up my bank card and try again.  Cue tears from me, as I was so nervous, stressed and in pain from my back.

Eventually, we got there.  Only about half an hour late, but still, we were there and in plenty of time to set up.

I finally got to meet some of my fiance's family.  After all, we've only been together 4 years and get married in December, but I have met hardly any of his family - only his mum and dad, and brother, who I already knew anyway, really.  They all seemed lovely and were really friendly.  His cousin, Helen, had actually organised the craft fair to raise money for BramleyCavies (, an animal rescue charity she runs.  I don't think I can remember every single one of their names, as I did meet quite a few in a short space of time, but it would be nice to be a bit moire involved with his family - I am so close to mine, and have never really understood why his family aren't close.

Anyway, back to the fair.  I was sooo scared and nervous, I barely left my stall once I had set it up.  From my little corner though I noticed the other stalls were:

  • A jewellery stall next to me,
  • Cat's Protection League
  • A stall with some lovely hair grips with butterflies on and some jewellery,  I intend to get this lady's details and see if she would like to demonstrate at my craft club workshops;
  • Pudsey Pickles (; and
  • A lady who sold little ornaments.
There was also the most important thing of all - a cake stall!!!!!!

Anyway, I sold a few cards and a needle case, and whilst it wasn't much, I did break even on what I had had to pay for my stall, so for my first fair I would call that a success.  It's not put me off craft fairs anyway.  I have a craft fair at St Gemma's Hospice, Leeds on 8th July, which fingers crossed I will actually make some money at.

I will definitely take someone to keep me company at that one, as I did start to feel a bit lonely, and I was too shy to go talk to the other stall holders myself.  My Step-mother, my sister and my boss at proper work have offered to help out, so I should be ok.

I also intend to be back at Bramleycavies Christmas fair in November, for which I have lots of making ideas, and I have been thinking about ideas for next summer too.  Details of all these will follow.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting


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