Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Crafty Makes Update

Sooo, up to last Friday, I don’t seem to have made as much as normal, but at the same time I feel as though I have done loads.

I spent the weekend before the bank holiday away at my Auntie’s 50th birthday party in Helmsley, which was lovely.  Glorious weather, but then again, it is always nice when I venture up to North Yorkshire.  Also, my little sister was home so we (finally) sorted out my bridesmaids dresses.  They are ordered and the deposit paid.

Then on Sunday, as the weather was so marvellous, we had a BBQ at my big sisters, which means I didn’t really get much done.  In between getting back from Helmsley and heading off to my sisters, I did manage to make a strawberry pin cushion and have a nap though.  I’ll blog more about my strawberry pin cushions later.  I also managed to take photos of all my cards in the garden to put them on my folksy shop:

Then, it was back to work Monday.  I didn’t make anything, as it was payday, so my darling fiancé treat me to a gourmet (?!) meal at our local pub.  Tuesday was spent sorting out my Folksy shop.  There are now items in my shop!  Tuesday morning, as I was up early for some unbeknown reason, I found time to make another strawberry pin cushion for my friend Sue.  It won’t be used as a pin cushion by her, but she does appreciate it’s prettiness. 

Oh, and on Tuesday, I finally managed to get my sewing machine sent off for repair . . . yay!  In the meantime, I am allowed to borrow my wonderful (non-wicked) step-mother’s, even though I keep cancelling our running dates.

Wednesday, I was in such a bad mood when I finally got home (two hours to do an eight mile bus journey thanks to the buses breaking down), I had to do some colouring in with my promarkers ( just to calm down.  Actually, this is a lie.  To calm down, I banged and crashed about around the house, doing the washing and changing the bed.  I then ordered and paid for some rubber snowflake stamps and stamping glue to make my wedding invitations, which I am very excited to be getting.  I’ve only had the invitations printed for nearly a year without actually doing anything with them!  I’ve had the glitter since Christmas,  I really do need to get the invitations sent out soon though.  Then, I registered and paid for my stall at the St Gemma’s Hospice Summer Garden Party craft fair on 8th July, which I am very excited about!  I seemed to do loads on Wednesday night.  Finally, I sat down to catch up on a bit of TV (Grimm) with my darling fiancé and decided to colour in some digistamps I printed off about a week ago.  There were digistamps for a variety of cards, but for some strange reason (I think it’s the kid in me), I do like colouring in, and Promarkers make everything look so pretty.

Then, on Thursday, after doing a spot more colouring in, I went to see the lovely Robin Ince (of Infintite Monkey Cage with Professor Brian Cox (forthwith to be known as Hot Prof Cox) fame) at Otley Court House, with my best friend, Miss Joanne Twigger.  I also spent Friday evening with Miss Twigger, for fajitas and a gossip are her lovely penthouse apartment in Saltaire.  I had been tempted to take my sewing with me, but I didn’t think that would go down too well.

Sooooooo, as you can tell, I had done very little crafting up to Friday.

The weekend, however was a different matter. . .

I did have to work at the pub on Saturday, and had been put down for a ten hour shift L, but I have a most wonderful friend in the form of Mandy Sharp, who offered to do half my shift for me.  I think, in actual fact that I had just moaned about it that much that she just wanted to shut me up.  So, anyway, I finished there to go home and get on with my crafting.  I started on my stock for my first craft fair in a couple of weeks.  I made a stock of my cupcake cards, and also a couple of cupcake cards.

The rest of the weekend should have panned out as having to go to the opticians Sunday morning, and then going to my Grandma’s to finish off my dress.  Monday was planned to be spent at my sisters for a Jubilee party at the insistence of my eldest niece, and Tuesday was pencilled in for a craft day – after all, it is only two weeks until my first craft fair, and I really need some stock for that.

As you can probably imagine though, this did not go to plan . . .

I spent nearly two hours in the opticians, doing all sorts of tests on my eyes.  Anyway, I ordered some pretty new glasses and got my usual telling off for wearing my contact lenses too much.  I've been trying to be good and wearing my glasses more often, but I can't do my make-up when I wear my glasses, as I can't see a thing when I take them off to do my make-up.  Soooo, this made me extremely late to my Grandma's, as I'd only planned to be at the opticians for half an hour. 

And then, I didn't get my dress finished, as millions of alterations had to be made to make it fit properly.  All alterations have now been made, and the dress just needs sewing together, hemming and the zip sewing in.   This should all be done on the next session.  Hopefully, my own sewing machine will be fixed by then and I can make my own dresses without having to bother my grandma.  I have my pattern lined up and have chosen my fabric.  Anyway, the alterations are in the form of darts along the skirt, which has created a lovely pintuck effect.

Then, Monday, I baked a cake when I got up in the morning, then I made some more cards.  This time, I decided to make up a few father's day cards and some new baby cards.  Then, it was off to my sister's for her jubilee party.  I'd been put on jelly duty, which I think was a huge mistake . . . My sister seems to have forgotten that last time she put me on jelly duty, it was a bit of a disaster . . . I attempted a jelly-rainbow (without the blue jelly, as that is a bit difficult to get hold of).  It all went very wrong and ended up as just one big mess.

To teach her never to do this again, and in the spirit of the jubilee, I decided to make a Union Jack jelly.  The principle was quite simple - red jelly (strawberry), squirty cream and blueberries.  This is the result:

But then the cream collapsed, and it just ended up a mess.

Sorry this has been a bit of a long post, I started it thinking I didn't really have much to tell you, but it seems I had loads . . .

Last but not least, all my things have arrived to make my wedding invitations, but that will be a future post.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting.


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