Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dressy Designs Complete

Soooooo, I’ve finally finished my dress, and what a trial it has been making it.

In hindsight, both me and my Grandma have agreed that we should have gone for a simpler pattern to start off with, but never mind.

Since my last post about my dress, I have actually had a couple of sessions at my Grandma’s in a bid to finish it off.  They were both pretty short, as for the first one I was ridiculously tired for some unknown reason and just couldn’t concentrate, and for the second one I was once again late, as I’d been to the opticians that morning and they had held me hostage (or so it felt) for over two hours doing various tests on me.

After all the panic about the top not going to fit, and then actually being fine, the skirt was all wrong.  My Grandma, bless her, had kindly tacked in the zip so I could try it on properly and fit properly, and it was now that we realised the skirt was huge – far too long and fair to poofy in general.  It also seemed to hang wrong for a reason we still haven’t figured out.  Although  most of this we didn’t realise until we had sewn it all together properly.

Anyway, the length was easy to solve – just cut some off the bottom.  To sort the poofiness, we had to unpick it all from the top part of the dress and cut away a fair chunk of the sides of the skirt, then sew it all back together again.  This we did, and it was still too big.  So, we undid it all again and cut some more off.  This time, it seemed ok, but it was still hanging wrong.  The front of the dress just seemed to stick out too much. 

Grandma decided on a cunning way to hide this, and we inserted little pin tucks along the waist line, which looks really pretty, makes the dress a bit more individual and makes it hang a lot better.  Another pretty detail which we added was to sew a single line just above the waist band.

Grandma then sewed in (properly) the zip for me, as I was a bit too nervous to do it myself, as sometimes I still struggle with the whole sewing in a straight line thing.

All this took two sessions to do.  Then, all we had to do was hem the dress and finish off the little bits that needed to be done by hand.  I decided to do this at home, as Grandma was going on holiday, and then I am going on holiday, so it would be nearly a month before we got chance to see each other again. 

Sooo, up I got a couple of Sundays ago and once my fiancé had got his backside out of bed, I made him lift the sewing machine onto the table for me (I would normally do this myself, but I still had a trapped nerve in my back at the time).

Before I had left Grandma’s the previous Sunday, she had marked up my hem for me, so all I needed to do was turn it over, press it and sew a nice straight line on the sewing machine.  The line is pretty much straight.  Only went a bit wobbly a couple of time, but you can’t tell.

Then I had to press the seams so they all sit nice and then hand sew the loose bits of the facings to each other so that they would automatically tuck themselves in when wearing the dress rather than them flopping about.  This I did and I thought that my dress was finished, so I ironed it and hung it up to be worn on the Monday.

I did wear the dress on the Monday, but I felt uncomfortable in it all day.  I think it was because I had the wrong underwear on – the bra I had been wearing when trying the dress on during making was a different one to the one I wore on Monday, and it seemed to affect the fit of the dress.  For all you blokes out there, this is a common phenomenon.  You have to wear certain undies with certain dresses so they sit right.  The skirt was also still too big, but this was remedied by adding a belt to the equation, and again might be ok with the correct undies, as the top of the dress will sit better, making the skirt fit better.  Finally, the faces were still a bit floppy, but I sewed them correctly, so there was only one solution to this, but please don’t tell my Grandma as she would be disgusted with me – I wonderwebbed them!

Soooo, this is my finished dress:

What do you think?

I have now selected my next pattern (a lot simpler) and will be purchasing some fabric when I get back off my jolly holidays. 

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting.


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