Thursday, 28 June 2012

Exciting Announcement

Sooooo, I am tres tres excited, as I now have a website under development.

As it is my fiancé who is developing it (he is a web designer after all), it may take a while to be perfect (non-paying customers always end up at the bottom of the list), but for now it is up there, and just directs you back to my blog, but I have great plans for my website.

So far, my plans are to have my blog on there, incorporate a little shop on there, as Folksy doesn't seem to be really working out and doesn't do everything I want it to.

I am also planning to offer free digistamps to download, together, which I am designing at the moment, together with a bespoke wedding invitation (or any invitation/card) design service,  as well as links to other blogs I read and find inspiration from.

I'm very excited about it.

Is there anything else you folks would like to see on my website?  I'm currently brainstorming ideas.  I wouldn't want Phil to get bored now would I . . .

Anyway, the address is:  Please bookmark/favourite it, so you can always find it.

I'm now going on holiday for a week (Great Yarmouth here we come), but have already set up daily posts to keep you entertained.

Happy Crafting.


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