Monday, 25 June 2012

Father's Day

Soooooo, I know it has been almost a week since Father's Day, but I've had so many other things to blog about, and although this post has been written for a week, this is the first day that has been free to post it.

We don't do Father's day in a big way on our family, probably because it was only a month ago that it was dad's birthday, but then again neither do we make a big fuss of Mother's day.  It all starts to get far too expensive with all the step-parents involved in our family.  I think my fiance's parents are the only ones that are still together - my parents are no longer together, neither are my brother-in-laws, and we have step-grandparents left, right and centre,.  As a consequence, and to avoid arguments, we try to keep these celebrations pretty small.  Plus, where's Daughter's day, that's what I would like to know??!?!?!?!?!?!  Do our parents not appreciate us going to their houses, eating all their food and 'borrowing' any money they have in their purses/wallets?  We all moved out (and in my case moved back and then back out again), what more do they want?

Anyway, back to the subject at hand - Father's day.

As anyone who knows me well knows, I am very close to my Pops.  We look nothing alike (other than the nose, which unfortunately is a family trait that seems impossible to escape from) - my dad is dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes, tall and up until hitting old age, pretty skinny, I am the total opposite - fair hair, blue eyes, paler than a ghost and short and chubby (basically, my mother (apart from the paleness) but 25 years younger - ooooh, she won't like me saying that hahaha) But we are very much alike personality wise and will both think nothing of spending the afternoon ripping apart historical films, annoying the hell out of the step-mother by watching ghost-hunting things on telly (and not believing a bit of it, but it is funny to watch mother no. 2 getting scared) or watching crime dramas, such as CSI.  I think Pops is also the one I get my creativity from (along with those regular permanent loans of those purple notes when I am poor).  I think he felt sorry for me this time because I'd not really made any money at my craft fair and kept crying from the pain in my back.

But once again, I have veered from the subject of this blog - Father's Day.

Soooo, this year I actually made Pops three cards, but he only got one from me . . . the other two my darling big sister stole (meanie), so I had to rethink.

The first card I had actually been planning for a while.  I'd downloaded a digistamp from after seeing it in Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine.  It was of a fisherman, with his catch, and as Pops used to be a keen fisherman and still goes when he has chance now, I thought it was perfect.  Soooo, I spent one evening a couple of weeks ago having a leisurely evening colouring this and other digistamps in my with ProMarkers ( and then got down to making the actual card.

For the background, I used some wellyboots paper from the Wellington paper pack (  I bought recently at The Range (

I then matted the digistamp to some stripey paper from the same Wellington paper pack, adding some faux stitching, and then to the background paper, to the left of the landscape card.  I then finished the card with a 'Dad' sentiment I had in my craft stash to the bottom right hand side of the card, and ta dah!

This card was almost immediately stolen by my sister, along with the back up card I had made in case of this exact circumstance.

The back up card, I actually made into a 'Grandad' card so my nieces could give it to my Dad.

This card was made using the same Wellington paper pack.  I used some dark stripey paper as a background and then cut in a circle a bear motif which came from the paper pack, matting it a square of stone-coloured paper, adding faux stitching to both.  This was then attached to the top of the card, with a 'Grandad' sentiment to the bottom.

I made a few more cards using the same paper pack, and this was my theme for father's day.  Pops eventually got one of the extra ones I made, as did my future father-in-law. I sold a couple at my craft fair and another card I changed the sentiment on to say 'Happy Birthday' and my friend took that one.  It's nice to know I'm useful when friends have forgotten birthdays . . .

Anyway, the cards that weren't used or sold I now think I will use as birthday cards, as I didn't actually put anything mentioning Father's Day on them, or save them for next year.  I also have some Wellington bear motifs left to make some more.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting.


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