Monday, 11 June 2012

How To: Make A Needle Case

Soooo, apologies I have not written any How Tos just recently - making seems to have taken over.  This is one that I actually took the photos for May Day bank holiday weekend, but haven't got around to writing until now.  I promise to make a better effort to write more How Tos from now on.  If you have any suggestions of what you would like me to write How Tos for, please comment below.

Now, to the How To.

In this How To, I will show you how to make a needlecase.   The idea is adapted from the February issue of Crafts Beautiful.

I have made a few of these for various friends and family, and will make some more to sell at my craft fairs.  They are relatively quick to make if you have a sewing machine, but can also me made by hand - they just take a bit longer.

You will need:
Felt (two colours)
Co-ordinating thread
Needle/sewing machine
Fabric scissors
Pinking shears

How To:

1.  Cut two pieces of fabric to 20cm x 12cm. 

2.  Face sides together, (using running or backstich if you are sewing by hand), sew the two pieces together with a seam allowance of 0.5cm on either side leaving a gap along one long edge.

3.  Turn the fabric right side out and sew up the gap.

4.  Using he pinking shears, cut one colour felt to 15cm x 9cm and the other to 13cm x 7.5cm.

5.  Layer the felt, largest piece on the bottom, onto the inside of the fabric case.  Ensure they are central.

6.  Sew down the middle of the felt (using backstich if sewing by hand) to secure it to the fabric.

7.  Fold in half and you have your needlecase.  Voila!


Use two different fabrics or contrast your thread.

Create a fastening for your needle case with a button and ribbon or press-stud.

Sew the word 'needles' onto some white fabric or a piece of co-ordinating felt and sew this to what will be the centre of the top of the front of the needlecase, before sewing the fabrics together (step 2).

I will be teaching this at a future workshop.  If you would like to come along, please email

Happy Crafting.



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