Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I Win!

Sooooooo, I win!

Yes, I have been having lessons off the little kid in Big Daddy (and I Win is my favourite game), but I have actually won something.

Crafts Beautiful magazine kindly named me a winner of some tickets to the Summer Crafting Show at Doncaster Racecourse on 14th and 15th July.  All I had to do was retweet one of their tweets.

Information on the show can be found at  Tickets (and I believe there are still some left) can also be purchased on the same website.

Now, fingers crossed I make lots of pennies at my craft fair the weekend before so I have lots and lots of pennies to spend at the show.  Hmmmm, maybe I will finally buy my die-cutter.

Anyway, as always, I will keep you updated and will no doubt blog about the show when I get back.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting.


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