Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Review: Let's Make Cards (Issue 52)

Sooooo, after what feels like a very long wait, I finally have in my hands the latest issue of Let’s Make Cards (LMC).  The question is, was it worth the wait?  Let’s see shall we . . .

The outer packaging is pretty and summery, advertising cards made using folded effects, ‘easy’ apertures and ribbon detail, as well as stitching effects, textured cards (using fabric) and a haberdashery themed card kit designed by Sally Moret worth £19.99.

The kit in this issue includes:
·         Card blanks and envelopes
·         Backing papers
·         Fabric
·         Needle
·         Die-cut chipboards
·         Die-cut motifs
·         Ribbon
·         Borders
·         Die-cut sentiments
·         Buttons
·         Gems

The actual magazine cover advertises a pretty sewing/dress-making themed card made from the kit, the announcement of the 2012 cardmaker of the year and 27 wedding ideas (we are in the middle of wedding season after all).

We’ll start off with the regular features shall we?  Probably high on the importance scale is the giveaways, which this issue are:
·         A Nigel May CD-Rom
·         A wedding-themed goody bag from MeiFlower
·         Letraset Promarkers
·         Tickets for the Chilterns Craft Show, to be held August bank holiday weekend (24-27 August)
·         Iris folding kits for DeeCrafts
·         An Alison McNicol book: Start A Cake Business From Home
·         Kids creation boxes from toucanBox.  If you haven’t seen these before, you should check out their website.  They are boxes posted to you monthly with everything you need for several crafting projects for your kids – a brilliant idea I wish I’d thought of.
Also amongst the regular features are the letters page, which features this card I made and posted on twitter:

I think I will make some more of these cards to sell at my upcoming craft fairs (if I find time) – a sort of ‘as featured in . . .’

Finally, in the regular features are Corinne Brad’s column and the How Tos, which this issue include how to:
·         Make a fabric heart
·         Sew in a bead insert
·         Make an envelope
·         Make a ribbon flower
·         Make a box card
·         Make a decoupage card
·         Sew buttons onto a card
·         Weave card.

My favourite cards in this issue are not from the projects featured, but from the ‘Ask the Experts’ page, which shows you how to make a lovely fabric owl card and an art-deco decoupage card.  Also in my list of top projects are soap cupcakes (yes, that is soap and not cards) in the 10-minute masterclass, as a nice break from the norm, and the fabric heart card in the Strawberry kisses feature.

Issue 52 has the usual how to use your kit article featuring 16 cards, of which my favourites are the bird song and homemade greeting cards.  There are some also some cards which are made using the backing board that comes with the kit.  My favourite here is heart aperture, which also features on the outer packaging.  I am tempted to adapt this card, substituting the flowers for bells and thus making a great, and unusual wedding card.  That will have to wait though as I have a craft fair this weekend, so all new ideas are on hold until after that.  From this project I also like the homemade flowers card.

From ‘Haberdashery Motifs’ I like the thank you and get well soon cards, and ‘Card School’ shows you how to make a pinwheel spinner card, an idea I saw in another magazine a couple of months back and have been intending to try ever since.  I WILL make one before the end of the year (maybe).

Other projects include ‘6 Greetings with Folding Effects’, of which the best is the heart stepper card; ‘Top Makes with Buttons and Ribbons’, from which I like the ribbon loops card and the pierced zigzag card; and ‘4 Cards with Happy Hippo Wooden Motifs’, of which my favourite is the cupcake feast card.

Other features in the magazine include the results of Cardmaker of the Year 2012, the result of which I actually disagree with.  Sorry Victoria Norris, you did make a lovely and unusual card, but my personal opinion is that Michelle Thornton’s card is nicer.  But then again, I always did like a bit of controversy.

There is also a feature on Sally Moret, who designed the free kit.  Ms Moret strikes me as slightly strange, as she gave up what could possibly be my dream job – shoe designer.  I mean, why would you want to give up designing shoes?  That is just insanity!

You could win a year’s subscription of LMC, or one of it’s sister magazines by voting in the Craft Awards, and there is a subscription gift which might finally see my subscribe – a Fiskars punch set.

Finally, there is the Crafter’s Guide to Using Paper & Card in Projects, and ‘Maid in Love’, which is a wedding feature with a few different ideas, including a How To make your own tiara, something which is a future project, one I have my craft fairs and wedding, and this year in general out of the way.  This feature has a great book advertised – Handmade Weddings by Eunice and Sabrina Moyle, which I really want, and may be a little treat for myself in the near future.

So, was it worth the wait?  Well, I don’t think it is the best issue, as I don’t feel as inspired as I have in previous magazines, but I do have some ideas from the magazine, admittedly they will no doubt be slightly adapted.  I’ll keep you updated on my makes when I get round to making them.  In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting.


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