Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Review: Sew Magazine Issue 37 (July 2012)

Soooo, after getting my sister to helop me put my socks and shoes on for me on Friday (the curse of the trapped nerve), she helpfully took me into Guiseley to buy the latest issue of Sew Magazine.  I was already excited about it because I wanted the free pattern that came with it - a Project Runway, customisable dress.

As usual, the first feature in the magazine is how to use the free pattern.  The dress is amazing.  Not only can you make the one featured on the cover of the magazine, but it is (apparently) easily adaptable - the neckline can be changed (pleated/tabbed, v-neck or straight), sleeves (capped or long) added or the dress can be adapted to a bodycon style dress, with lots of different ideas for making it unique.

The magazine cover has some amazing-looking prjects, including a cut kids' dress, a handbag and a log cabin quilt.

The magazine has little sections on how to make your own bias binding (a big trend right now)

Machine Spotlight this issue features the Singer 160 as the model of the month.  I would luuuuurve this sewing machine.  It is so pretty in shiny black with gold pattern details.  It also has an array of features.  I do not, unfortunately, have a spare £400, so it will just have to remain a dream.

This issue has a huge giveaway for it's third birthday celebrations, which includes:
  • a dress form
  • ribbon bundles
  • a magnifying lamp
  • a sewing machine
  • books;
  • a huge sewing box, just like I need;
  • vouchers
  • fabric
and lots lots more.

Dressmaking SOS focuses on corsetry.  I don't understand half of what it says, but learning how to make a corset is something I would love to do in the future.  I believe you can do a weekend course, so this is something I might look into next summer.  I seem to have so much going on at the moment that my next free weekend might actually be next summer.

The pretty summer dress on the cover is designed by Louise Nicholls (http://www.loula-bells.com/) and actually looks pretty easy to make, with the pattern provided in the back of the magazine.  I think, when I have a spare afternoon/day/weekend, I intend to attempt this dress for my youngest niece.  I already have some cute pink floral fabric that would be perfect.

New in this issue, but intended to be a regular feature, is 'Sew Vintage': a section about all things vintage.  This issue it is pretty much wedding-themed, and makes me think slightly that I had read this before starting to plan my wedding - I would have probably gone down a totally different route.  It also has some great DIY ideas, and features three brides that took the DIY wedding route:  Lottie Lane, Momtaz Begum-Hussain and Clare, who actually hand-embroidered her own wedding dress.

This section also has a feature on the upcoming Vintage Festival (13-15 July), which I would love to go to, but it is the same weekend as my first craft club workshop.  Maybe next year . . . and I will do the whole camping thing for the weekend too.

The vintage section also has instructions on how to make the gorgeous handbag featured on the cover of the magazine.  Having discussed it with my sister, I think we are going to attempt to make a version of this, in navy and extra sparkly for my wedding in December.  Not too sure about the fascinator though.  Maybe I would appreciate it more in different colours.

The final article in the vintage section is Mary Jane Baxter's column, offering homemade wedding style tips, including a gorgeous brooch bouquet.

The magazine also has a feature by Rianna Fry on how to turn 'stitches into salaries', with tips and advice on how to sell your makes online and the legal implications.

The 'Sew Home' section had the lovely log cabin patchwork quilt featured on the cover.  I really want to make this and shall now be collecting pretty fabric scraps to make a big quilt for my spare room - which is soon to actually be my craft room.  It will still however have a sofa bed and need to look pretty.  This quilt is taken from Nikki Trench's A Passion for Quilting book and this issue has a special reader offer on the book. 

Also in the magazine is a French-style luggage set, a travel set, an embroidered beach bag, a parisian chic feature, with some lovely ideas, cross-stitched wedding gifts, an embellished lamp and cushion, and appliuque pencil case, using sissix dies and Anthea Turner's column.

All in all, I enjoyed this issue, and now I have lots of projects to keep me busy.  Still, I'm looking forward to the next one too . . .

Happy Crafting.



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