Friday, 15 June 2012

Skin-E Genes

Sooo, this blogpost isn't actually about me, and really isn't that much about crafting, but it is about something I care about . . . my friend, Amy.

Recently, for an unknown reason, Amy has become allergic to light -not just sunlight or UV light, but all light.  This is a bit of a problem for anyone who isn't a vampire, and as far as we know Amy is not a a vampire. 

Exposure to light makes her come out in a rash and makes her quite ill in general.  This has only started to happen over the last couple of years and the doctors don't know what has caused it.  As a result, she is having to undergo some pretty horrific treatment several times a week, which she documents on her blog -

As you can imagine, Amy is a great supporter of the British Skin Foundation ( and tries to raise awareness of her condition as much as possible.  I imagine it can't be fun having to explain constantly why you have to keep as much skin as possible covered.

One of the ways she is trying to raise awareness (and money for the British Skin Foundation) is by organising a fashion show.  The fashion show will feature skin-friendly (i.e. cover-up) but fashionable clothing, something Amy has discovered is difficult to find. 

So, if you know any budding fashion designers or fashion students (or even models) who would like to get involved, please email me  I'm hoping I can help Amy make this a success and hope you can help too.,

I will keep you updated on our progress with the fashion show, and please check out Amy's blog to stay updated on her treatment.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting.

Holly xx

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