Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sock Elephants

Sooooo, I have been inspired by a colleague who makes sock monkeys, which seems to be the thing to do these days.  As a fairy elephant, I thought it would be an idea to see if I could make sock elephants.  Not only could I attach wings to them to make fairy elephants, but I could also add a Help for Heroes wristband to them and sell them in support of my friend, who is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in January.

Anyway, I used these instructions, which I found from a spot of googling: http://www.ebygomm.ourownlittleworld.org/2010/12/sock-critters-including-sock-elephant-tutorial/, and this was my first attempt:

I had to use socks that I knew my fiance hadn't worn, because as my niece told me when I was discussing the idea with her (she's very grown up for a 7 year old), 'if you use one of Uncle Philip's socks, someone might die.'  A little overdramatic maybe, but I do get what she means - he has horrible feet.  Anyway, these were a pair of fluffy winter socks that I got a couple of christmases ago and only wear when it snows, over my tights.

The trunk on this one I thought was a bit too short, so I decided to go buy some men's socks and make another with a longer trunk:

This one I think, has a trunk that is too long, so now I just need to find a happy medium.  I'm just going to keep practising.  Once I've perfected the elephants, I am going to add wings to some of them, to make them fairy elephants, and sell others to raise money for Help for Heroes with my friend who will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in January for the cause.

Inspired by making the elephants, I started looking for other things I could make out of socks, and came across some cute owls.  I don't know why but I am loving owls at the moment, and they seem to be everywhere.  This was my first attempt an an owl, made from cute baby socks:

I also decided to adapt the owls into paperweights, fed up of paper flying all over the office when we have our fans on, and this was my first paperweight:

I adapted it from a normal owl to a paperweight by selloptaping ten 1p coins together and inserting this within the stuffing in the owl.

So, this is my little sock critter family so far, and I love it, and plan for it to keep growing:

Happy Crafting.


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