Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Coming Up Roses

Sooo, when I was at the Stephanie Weightman craft fair last weekend, I learnt how to make flowers from ribbons.  My grandma bought me a starter kit for these as a very early birthday present (my birthday isn't until December) and I have been quite addicted to practising ever since.

Be warned . . . there are lots of photos in this post . . .

The kit consisted of about 40 metres of ribbon in varying colours, an instructional DVD, a ribbon shredder (with both large and small shredding sizes), some skewers and some floristry tape.

I've not actually watched the DVD yet, but at the craft fair the stall holder taught me to make two of the flowers - a rose and a chrysanthemum.  I've been practising and practising these.

The roses are made by folding the ribbon in a certain way to get square layers of ribbon and then twisting it to get the petals.  This is the one that I made at the craft fair, for which I only got six out of ten.  I think it was worth more . . .

They are quite simple to make.  The tricky bit is trying to get the petals in the right places, and not just making a cone.

The chrysanthemums are simple too, once you get used to the ribbon shredder, and involve wrapping different lengths on ribbon around a skewer.

I've made roses in all different sizes, and I've attempted the chrysanthemums in different sizes too, but with less success.  I just can't seem to get the hang of using the smaller side of the shredder, but I will keep trying.  Making smaller roses is much easier, as you just use thinner ribbon.

This is the selection I had made up until the weekend.  I took them to show my grandma (at her request) on Sunday, and she bleeding well kept the lot!

I love the rose and the simplicity of it, but the chrysanthemum is my favourite flower (because they last for ever - even without water!), and my favourite to make, so I think there will be many more of these in every colour possible.

I'm going to do these as a How To each at some point in the future, and have had a request to base one of my workshops around the roses.  This will be at my 16th September workshop (my 12th August workshop is basic card making techniques).  Before then, I intend to actually watch the DVD and see what else I can learn to make.  

In the meantime, I've already had two orders for single chrysanthemums:  one for my friend, Sue, who wanted an aquamarine one to put in a thin vase in her kitchen; and this pink one for another friend, Sobia, who was complaining that I never make her anything.  All she has to do is ask . . . 

Happy Crafting.



  1. Amazing can i ask where to get a kit plz

  2. Hi,

    I got my kit from



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