Thursday, 26 July 2012

Craft Room . . . Finally!

Soooo, I finally have a craft room, or rather half of my spare room, which is MY space for crafting.  My fiancé, Phil, can finally reclaim his kitchen (even though it is OUR kitchen, and I probably spend more time in it that he does) and I can have some peace and quiet when I want to craft.

It is by no means finished yet - I still have to sort out my storage solutions as I'm fed up of everything in boxes.  I think some more sets of drawers will do the job nicely, and I also want a set of shelves to store my magazines and bits and bobs so I can get them off the actual table, so it can be a usable sewing area too.

To get my craft room has required some work and planning.  First off, I had to get rid of the spare bed, but still retain something for guests (i.e. the nieces to sleep on).  So, the spare bed got donated to my boss, Maureen, for one of her grandchildren when they stop at hers, and Phil's parents kindly donated a futon sofa bed they were getting rid of.  Then the room needed tidying and rearranging.  A huge clear out was undertaken, but we still have so much stuff to sort, as the other half of the room is going to be Phil's office area for his web and graphic designing.

The table comes from Ikea, and is a present from Phil - testament to how much he wanted me out of the kitchen I think.  He bought it for me on Tuesday and had a rare manly hour or so putting it together for me.  I then organised everything last night and made it all look as pretty as I possibly could.  I've tried to use some ingenius storage solutions, most things are in pickled onion jars (Phil east a lot of pickles onions!), and my promarkers are in a plant pot donated by my friend, Sue.  She actually gave me it so I could attempt to grow some garlic, so I will replace it when I find something else (maybe another plant pot).  

I intend to pretty up as much as I possibly can.  I saw a great decopatch project to jazz up glass jars in the latest issue of Simply Homemade, which uses printed napkins.  I've bought some pretty napkins from Wilkinsons and might have a go at this at the weekend if I get chance.  I'm not sure whether to risk using normal PVA glue, or go get some proper decopatch glue.  I suppose it depends if I have the car on Sunday or not to be able to get to The Range or Hobbycraft.

Oooooh, I can't wait to while away the hours in my new craft room and make it pretty pretty pretty.  As always, I will keep you updated on all the many things I make and all the alterations I make.

Happy Crafting.


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