Monday, 30 July 2012

Crafty! Crafty!

Soooo, I've had quite a big crafting weekend, but I don't seem to have done anything in particular, just loads of little projects and trying out of new things.  I've been doing these in my new craft room (eeek!), which I'm also now sat in writing this blog.

Sooo, first off, I've been making some cards.  This first one was an order from my step-mother (non-wicked) for her niece's birthday in a couple of weeks.  

I took the design from an old issue of Crafts Beautiful (February 2012), in fact the first one I ever bought.  This magazine has brought me so much inspiration, particularly this issue, as it is also this issue that I got the idea for my needle cases and house pin cushions from, along with my inspiration to start heat embossing and the baby blankets I make.  In fact, I blame this issue for my addiction to crafting!

I've also been celebrating the birth of my oldest friend in the whole wide world's baby.  I would like to congratulate Kirsty and her fiance, Martyn, on the birth of their baby boy - Joseph Steven Oliver.  I've not had a cuddle yet, as she was still in hospital at the time of writing this post, but from the photos I have seen he is the cutest little thing.  I usually think newborns are quite ugly until they start to look like themselves, but not this one.  I may, of course be biased.  Panic not though people, I had my nieces for a couple of hours this morning and any mild pangs of broodiness vanished about 5 minutes after they stepped through the door.  They did do my housework for me though, so I may have them a bit more often . . .

Anyway, back to the crafting.  For Baby Joseph (well, Kirsty and Martyn actually) I have made this card.  

I just love this Papermania sheep stamp and have used it before for baby cards.  The butterfly comes from a little set I got from Morrisons last week.  They are starting to get a relatively decent crafty/arty section, even if their fresh fruit is shocking quality at the moment, resulting in my defection to Asda on Saturday.

I am also in the process of making a boy version of this lovely personalised baby plaque.


This is one of the ones I made for the twins last week.  A post will follow on these properly once I have finished off Joseph'[s.  In fact, I may tie that in with my visit to Joseph, so keep checking the blog.

Card-wise, I've also made this new home card (another order from the step-mother) for her friend.  

The mosaic design was taken from an old issue of Cardmaking & Papercraft, as was the design for this cricket-themed card, albeit a different issue, which was an order from my Grandma.

Finally, card-wise, also an order from my step-mother (she does keep me in business and find me plenty of challenges) are these little gift tags.

In fairness, these were pretty easy to make, cutting up an old card which I'd lost the envelope for, and treated the same way as making any other card.  The only thing with these was I had to make my own envelope, but I'm now getting pretty practised at these.

Away from cards, I had my first attempt at making a hair clip using my brand spanking new shiny die-cutter.

To make this, I used the Hearts Bigz die that came with my Sizzix Big Shot.  I cut three of each size heart from some remnant patchwork-print fabric, and fabric-glued them together into a flower shape.  I then finished it off with a button to the centre, and attached a hair grip to the back.  Admittedly, it is a little off-centre, but it is my first, and the nieces were around my feet whilst I was trying to make it.

I've also made a start in my wedding invitations.  Ok! Ok! I've made one, but it is a start.  

The design for these was featured in the last issue of Cardmaking & Papercraft.  They have got a few of the facts wrong, for example, Phil is still to get down on one knee, but never mind.  I believe it is still in shops, so go buy it!  I've stuck broadly to the design by my sister, using the stamps that I had bought.  She is home in a couple of weeks, so she can authorise my amendments then.

Finally, I've been prettying up jars, inspired by a project in this month's Simply Homemade, which is a magazine I have just recently started buying, but is amazing!  So many great ideas.  This is my first jar:

And this is my second, as yet unfinished:

Soooo, busy weekend of crafting.  I'll blog more about certain things on here later in the week/week after, and no doubt I will be doing lots more this coming week.

Happy Crafting!


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