Monday, 16 July 2012

Ruby Alice Bags

Soooooo, today we have a guest blogger - Amy at Ruby Alice Bags, who would like to tell you about her craft passion - bags.  So, here goes . .

First off, I would like to thank Holly for allowing me to share my business on her lovely blog!

Ruby Alice Designs was created last year on the premise of offering customers unique, custom handbags based on their needs. I use only top quality vintage and upcycled fabrics. I am sure every woman out there has had that perfect bag that they would DIE FOR, but thought, “I wish it was a bit bigger” or “I wish there was a pocket for my laptop”.  That’s where I come in! I am able to help women, in person and via the Internet create a fabulous custom handbag, any shape, size, colour, and fabric at affordable prices. 

So you must be wondering how could I design a custom handbag without meeting in person?? It’s quite easy actually! If you take a look through my Facebook page,, you can see how it works.  In short, customers contact me with a general idea or they pick a pre-designed pattern. I help them expand on their ideas for pockets, size, etc. Then I take pictures of various fabric combinations until. Once decided upon, I request 4-8 weeks to construct the bag and ship it out. And that’s how it works!

I would love to share with you how we started and where we are headed! Almost 2 years ago now, I became interested in sewing- so- I pursued it. :-) I guess you could say the rest is history! I spent time working with a good friend, learning the in’s and out’s of creative bag making, She also her own bag business based on using upcycled materials. If you get chance stop by and say hello! A few months later I discovered a fabulous upholstery outlet right in my town. They sell remnants of fabulous brand name, exquisite fabrics. I quickly turned our spare bedroom into a fully functioning sewing room. So now, while working full time, I spend my free time developing, creating, and spreading the word about my business! 

Now we are coming up on one full year of being in business! I have gotten my Etsy Page up and running, I just started building my own website, and I am getting ready for a HUGE sale starting July 4th through August 4th. It will be buy 2 get one free to celebrate one year of business! Tell your friends, sister’s, mother’s, and daughter’s and swing by my Facebook page or find me on twitter @RubyAliceBags for more information. I have many other ideas that I can’t wait to put into action in the next year as well! My goal is to continually be posting fabric available online for customers to choose from. I also have many different activities geared toward my local community.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about my amazing business! The past year has definitely been a roller coaster ride, but it has been a great adventure! Keep following me and stay in touch!

Xoxo Amy

So there you are.

Just in case you were wondering, postage to the UK is $7-12, which at current exchange rates is about £5-9 and her Etsy shop can be found at

Happy Crafting


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