Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Summer Crafting

Soooo, on Saturday I went to the Stephanie Weightman Summer Craft event at Doncaster Racecourse.  I'd won tickets from Crafts Beautiful on Twitter and was very excited to go.  Originally, my sister was supposed to be going with me, but she cancelled on me with a week's notice, so my Grandma volunteered to come with me, and I'm glad she did!

First off, I was very surprised that my little wreck of a car got us from Leeds to Doncaster quite easily, and that I didn't get lost.  I think my Gran was impressed with that bit too.

We arrived shortly after 10 to free parking (bonus!), although Grandma wasn't too impressed about having to walk over the grass, and therefore worms, where we had parked. She is terrified of worms, but it was funny!

Anyway, we arrived a bit parched so went and got a coffee, and then started our mission of working our way around the (what seemed like) millions of stalls.  

It was really busy - much busier than I expected, and each stall was ridiculously busy, but there were certain things I wanted to get.  Some things, like glue and tape I could get from a variety of stalls, and actually managed to get from one of the first ones relatively cheap.  Most of the stalls that I could be quite interested in though, I couldn't get to, such as the Flowersoft stall.  It did not help that some people were so rude and just barged into you without apology.  As usual, I found myself apologising for other people barging into me.  I fully expected all 5 foot nothing, of my skinny minnie Grandma to floor one woman (at least 5 foot 8 tall, and not exactly on the small side) who barged into her and then told my Grandma that she was taking up too much room!  Honestly, the rudeness of some people never fails to amaze me!

Anyway, I managed to visit the Lili of the Valley ( stall, which for those of you who don't know is a stamp/die-cut company based in Farsley - about 20 minutes from my home.  I didn't buy anything there, as it was still busy, even if you could actually get to the table, but I did pick up a leaflet about their open day on 11th August.  I'm now in the process of trying to book on one of their workshops on that date.  I have emailed off and I am now just waiting to hear back.

Another stall I really liked was Personal Touch With Ribbon (, which held workshops there and then on how to make roses from florist ribbon.  Here is my attempt, which only got a 6 of out 10.  I think it is worth more.  

They sold kits which included 40 metres of ribbon, a ribbon tool, glue, glitter, floral tape and an instructional DVD showing you how to make a variety of flowers.  My Grandma bought me one of these as a very early birthday present (my birthday is not until December!).  They also sold a DVD showing how to make very impressive bows.  I didn't get this DVD, but I did  learn how to make a butterfly, and I may treat myself later.

I really liked the HobbyFun UK stall.  I didn't buy anything (due to lack of funds) but I really liked their products.  I don't quite know how to describe them, as they are so unusual, but please have a look at their website which should be able to explain better than I ever could.

Finally, at the Pink Frog Craft & Cards stall (, my Grandma loaned me some money to finally buy my die-cutting machine.  Yay!  The lady at the stall, Michelle, was lovely.  She spent time going through the pros and cons of both the Big Shot and Cuttlebug with me, even showing me how to use the Big Shot (which I had decided on), using loads of different makes of dies, and how to emboss, with embossing folders and dies.  She also explained how I could use other things, such as lace, to emboss.  She really was a lovely, kind and helpful person, which is why I decided to buy the Big Shot there and then, along with a Solo Thin Die Adapter (which they threw in for free), and rubber embossing mat.

Anyway, I came away with loads (no freebies though), and really enjoyed myself.  I'm now looking forward to the next one.

Happy Crafting.


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