Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Forever Friends

Soooo, a couple of months ago I was featured in an article in Cardmaking & Papercraft about making my own wedding invitations.  As a thank you, I received a Forever Friends decoupage kit, which was supplied by Craft Superstore.  There was loads in the kit - enough to make 26 little Forever Friends decoupage characters for a variety of occasions (birthdays, weddings, new babies, engagements), backing papers, card blanks, sentiments, silicone glue, foam pads and some crystals.

At the time, I must have been feeling pretty methodical, because I decided to make up all the decoupages before I turned any of them into cards.  This took some time - all of one Sunday afternoon and a couple of evenings!

Decoupage is not something I have really taken an interest in up until now - it's more been on my to do list than anything else, and as my to do list is soooo long I might have got round to in a few years, maybe.

Anyway, as I had the kit, was suffering a little from creative-block and a had craft fair coming up soon, I decided to give it a go . . .

Traditionally, I believe that decoupages are put together using foam pads, but my kit came with some silicone glue, so I thought that I would give that a go.  I think I prefer the silicone glue, as you can ensure that the little bits, which can get broken off or ripped, are stuck together.

Each sheet had two different designs, with all the pieces die-cut so I simply had to push them out and glue the pieces together.  The pieces were numbered so that you knew in which order to layer them.  Couldn't be simpler really.

My only problem was that my glue tube got a hole in it about half-way through me making them all, so it wouldn't come out of the top of the tube anymore.  Not to worry I thought, its still coming out of the side, so I employed the use of a small brush and problem solved.

As I say, it took me a fair while to make them all, but there were 26 to put together, and with practice I got faster.

After making them all, I thought I had better turn some of them into cards.  The kit did come with some design ideas, but for some reason I had thrown these away (stupid me!), so I had to use my brain!  

At the time of writing this post (Sunday morning) I have made three cards, with the intention to make some more today and through the rest of the week.  This is the first one I made:

I used a card blank from an old Let's Make Cards kit, layered with some peach paper I got free with an old issue of Cardmaking & Papercraft.  I added some brown faux stitching to this and wrapped it with some lace from my stash.  I then added a flowers decoupage to the centre using foam pads.  To finish off, I attached a 'Mum' sentiment to the bottom right hand corner.  This had come from the decoupage kit.  I added some brown faux stitching to this also.  I also attached to small flat-backed pearls to the top right hand corner and some purple gems to the centre of some of the flowers.

Et voila!

My second card is this anniversary card:

Again, I think the card blank came from an old Let's Make Card kit.  The backing paper came with the decoupage kit and I added read faux stitching to this, as I did to the couple on a bench decoupage and the 'happy anniversary' sentiment.  I attached the decoupage to the left hand side of this landscape card, with the sentiment attached to the bottom right hand corner.  To finish off, I added some glitter paint to the flowers on the decoupage, a little bow to the top right hand corner of the decoupage and some heart confetti to the top right hand corner of the card.  All these had come from my stash.

The final card I have made is this one:

I used a lilac card blank from my stash, which I can't remember where it came from originally.  I then used some purple backing paper from the decoupage kit.  I wrapped the bottom of this with some narrow purple ribbon from my stash.  I then added the 'for you' sentiment over this and the balloon decoupage.  I finished the card with a tiny purple bow on the sentiment.

I think I have got the decoupage bug now, and I think I will get some more kits if I find some I like, but I also think I might have a go at making my own.  First though, to finish making these cards . . . 

Happy Crafting!


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