Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Glamorous Glass

Soooo, needing something to put my pretty flowers in, I came across a cute project in Issue 19 of Simply Homemade magazine – a relatively new magazine I have started buying.

This project uses paints and napkins(!) to decorate glass jars.  So, off I went collecting jars.  I now have quite a sizeable collection of all shapes and sizes thanks to my various family members, particularly Pops and the Stepmother (non-wicked), and my gran, who actually wash all the horrible stickiness off from the labels.

The magazine recommends painting with emulsion, but as I only had poster paint to hand when I painted the first one, that was what I used, and then let it dry overnight.  The next day, I have my nieces for a couple of hours, so they ‘helped’ me decorate the jar.  This was done but cutting motifs from some butterfly and flower napkins I had bought at Wilkinsons, peeling away the back layers, so you only have the layer with the picture on, and using PVA glue to stick it to the jar.  Then, go over the picture with some more PVA glue to ensure it is stuck (and goes shiny).  You can also brush out any bubbles at this stage. 

I repeated this with a few different motifs from the same napkin, and other than a couple of tears (and I will admit I can’t blame all of them on the nieces), the effect is rather quite good.  The jar should be finished off with a ribbon around the top, but as this was my experimental jar, and I was only going to use it to store pens, I did away with this bit.

So, anyway, that was my first one.  My next, I decided to go for something a bit different – I used an old plastic pot that I had got a dessert in from M&S.  I used emulsion this time, having bought a little tester pot of aquamarine – one of my favourite colours.  Again, I left this to dry overnight and then used the border of the napkin to put a border along the bottom of the pot.  I also cut out some more motifs and put these around the pot, one on each side.  Again, I just use this to store bits and pieces of my stash.

The next one I had to do was actually an order.  It came with an order for some ribbon flowers for my grandma – more about them later.  This jar I decided to do without painting first (to see if it would work really, and it does).  I cut out some motifs from the same napkin – this one napkin has now done three jars, and there is still a bit left – and stuck them on with PVA.  My hope had been that the PVA would dry truly clear and that would be the end of it.  Unfortunately, the PVA dried slightly opaque on the glass, so I just decided to PVA the whole jar, and have a frosted finish.

The final jar I have actually decorated so far is this one:

I used a different technique this time.  After finding out that promarkers could be used as glass pens, I thought I would give this a go.  I found that you had to go over the drawing a couple of times with the pen, but I do like the effect.  I may use this technique again.  I have a small bunch of lavender in this jar from my Pops’ garden, but I forgot to put water in the jar – ooops!  And that is why I’m not in charge of living things.

I plan to decorate some more jars and use them as vases for my ribbon flowers and make some into tealights.  I’ll keep you posted on how successful that is.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting.


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