Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pram Parade

Soooo, there have been a few babies born around me in the last couple of weeks.  In fact. I know of 5 that were born within a week.  Two of these were my friend’s twins, which kicked off proceedings on the Saturday, then another friend had her baby, a little boy, on the Sunday, then we seemed to wait ages for my oldest friend on the whole wide world to have her baby, again, a little boy, on the Thursday (after being induced and then having an emergency c-section), and finally, on the Friday, my finacee’s boss’ partner had a little boy too.

Anyway, for the twins, Sienna and Seren, and my friend’s baby, Joseph, I made some little gifts.  I copied these little pram plaques from a project in an old issue of Crafts Beautiful, using a simple form of applique.  I’d fallen in love with them straight away, but it took me a while to get around to actually making them.  First off, I needed some embroidery hoops, and although these are not really difficult to source, they were just something I kept forgetting to buy when I went to the haberdahsers.  Anyway, I eventually got some and set to work.

First off, I made this one for one of the twins. 

I then swapped around the fabric used for the pram body and the frill, and did another one for the other twin.  I can’t remember which I did for which now.  Each was about an evening’s work, but I kept picking them up and doing a bit on them each time I sat down to watch some TV.  They could probably have been done quicker on the sewing machine, but one of the things I love about sewing my hand is that I can sit and watch telly at the same time, and for things like this, the fact that it is truly made by hand makes it a bit more special I think.

I then personalised them with each girls’ name, after they were born, as although the names had been picked out for some time, you never know if the parents might change their names.  It happened with two of my sisters, so something I am quite aware of.

I then swapped colour scheme to make this boy one for baby Joseph.  

I’ve not had chance to deliver this one yet because I have been full of cold ever since he was born, and I do not want to pass it on to him or my friend.  The girls’ pram plaques were delivered via my sister, who went to see them at the weekend.

I’m now going to take orders for these, whether personalised or not, so if you would like one, please email  I’m also thinking of making them the subject of a Fairy Elephants workshop in the new year.  What do you think?

Happy Crafting.


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