Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Review: Sew Issue 39 (September 2012)

Soooo, sorry that this one is also late.  In fairness, I always knew that this one would have to wait until I got paid, having skinted myself last month buying a new car, so leaving only enough money for essentials such as food.  Anyway, I did manage to get it a bit earlier as my fiance bought me a copy to cheer me up last Thursday, as I had been having a terrible day.  One day I will sort out my subscription and this will no longer be a problem . . .

Anyway, onto the review. . .  

This issue is the Halloween issue and also makes a start on Christmas.  I'm a little disappointed that there is no free pattern this month, as this is really the main reason I buy the magazine (an easy way to build up my pattern collection), but the freebie this month is a Christmas pattern book with ideas for Christmas decorations.  My favourites are Helen Philipps' Cross-Stitched Stocking and Sarah Moore's Gingerbread Man Tree Decoration.  This would be great to get the kids involved with.  This also comes with all the templates you need to make everything in the book.

Onto the magazine, I was drawn to the 'How To Become A Pattern Designer' which is advertised on the cover.  This is a series of interviews with the brains behind Papercut Patterns, Colette Patterns and DIYcouture, which I found very interesting.  These ladies tell you about how they got started making their own patterns and their big leap from hobby to career.  

There are also interviews with Jane Chisolm, some Hollywood costume designers (something I would LOVE to do), owner of Clothkits, Kay Mawer, 

Despite the lack of free pattern this month, the magazine does have a tutorial for a kimono-style top/dress (depending on how long you want it).  This is a really nice top and looks pretty simple to make.  I'm tempted to make one for my big sister, as it is her style.

Other tutorials in this issue include 

  • a sweet summer dress for baby girls
  • how to customise a crochet dress
  • a gadget case and purse
  • halloween costumes, including a flower costume I know a certain little niece would love and a pirate costume I know would be loved by my friend's little boy
  • how to make felted bunting (using this issue's subscription gift)
  • a pumpkin bag and wand
  • an apple core quilt
  • an embellished duvet set, which I think I might make for my littlest niece as her bedroom is apparently getting redecorated soon, although I believe the eldest's bedroom is also getting decorated, so she will require one too
  • patchwork tablet case

Dressmaking SOS this issue has Victorian and steam-punk style outfit advice, including bustles, hats and how to make frog fastenings.

Now, on to the most important thing . . . the giveaways, which this month include:

  • tickets to The Knitting & Stitching Show
  • an Adjustoform Easy STore Sewing Desk
  • a tailor's dummy
  • Monisha Mouse kits
  • an Elna Lotus sewing machine.

Business Bites has advice on using social networking to grow your business and as always, all templates are either included in the magazine or can be downloaded.

Happy Crafting!


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