Thursday, 30 August 2012

Scarves For Smurfs

Sooooo, sat at my mother's last weekend (I'd timed my visit just right to get some lunch made for me!), I mentioned that I wanted to re-learn how to knit (I know that I could do it as a kid, but probably about 20 years have passed since I last did any knitting).  So, my mother, being like me sometimes, decided that she would teach me there and then.  My youngest niece was annoying my fiance, Phil, and my eldest niece was running around going 'I know how to knit! I know how to knit!'.  Little smart arse.  Anyway, I sent her off to annoy her mother, who had been sat peacefully in the corner reading a magazine.  Its not very good for your self-esteem really when you have a seven-year old telling you that she can do something you can't, and pretty much rubbing that fact in your face.  It also did not help that I was the only person in the room that didn't know how to knit (yes, my fiance can knit (and crochet! and sew!) - can you tell his mother wanted a girl?!)

So, I sat on the little sofa with the mother, Phil and Evie being sprawled on the big sofa.  She cast on a row for me in a lovely smurf-blue colour, and then tried to teach me basic knitting.  Tried being the word.  She passed the needles to me and I promptly some how managed to move all the stitches off the needle.  Not a good start.  I'm still a little unsure how I managed this.  Needless to say, I can be very clumsy sometimes. So, we started again, and this time, very slowly, I managed to knit a row, then another row.  I'm pretty sure I was dropping stitches left, right and centre but never mind - you don't learn if you don't make mistakes, and I don't think anyone was expecting me to be perfect at it first time.

Anyway, I had just got the hang of it, when the mother took the needles off me and pulled it all apart . . . nooooooooooooooo!  She'd decided to teach me how to cast on.  This caused arguments between my mum and sister, because they both do it differently - mum uses her thumb, and my sister uses her needles.  Anyway, I decided instead of confusing me (easily done), I would go with my mother's way, as I'd just watched her do that.   

This was slightly less of a disaster than the trying to knit.  For a start, there were no stitches to fall off the needle.  I got my fingers in a bit of a twist, but eventually managed to cast on 30 stitches.  I then just had to knit.
I've done about five rows, and with the lovely blue colour I think what I have done for far would make a great scarf for a smurf.  I just need to learn how to finish it off now. 

I also need extra lessons in how to pearl, because although mother did show me, my attempts on my own were less than satisfactory - I just couldn't get my head around the whole back to front-ness of it.  I will go for another lesson next time I have a Sunday afternoon free.  Until then, I'll just make more scarves for smurfs - they do make wonderful practice.

Happy Crafting!


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