Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wedding Invitations

Sooooo, last weekend my little sister came home for the weekend to help me finish making my wedding invitations, and by helping me finish make them, I mean make them full stop - I had only made one, and that was an experimental one - only another 49 (at least) to go . . .

The invitations had actually been designed by my sister and I had had 'Wedding Invitation' printed on the front, along with the details printed inside by a friend of a friend.  Since I've taken up crafting again, I realise I could have done this myself, but that is by the bye now.

Anyway, sticking with my wedding theme of blue, sparkly and snowflakes ,my sister had done a little design with a few snowflakes and flourishes, which is the design that appeared in July's issue of Cardmaking & Papercraft.  The original plan had been to trace the design onto the invitation and then carefully glue over the outline and add glitter, but then I discovered stamping and a little thing called a glue pad!  So, the design and technique changed a little.

I already had my glitter - I'd bought that at Christmas when glitter was everywhere.  All I had to do now was buy the glue pad (ebay!) and find some snowflake stamps that I liked.  This was harder that I thought, but bearing in mind I was looking in May/June time, I was a little out of season.  Anyway, I eventually found a set of ebay that even had a nice flourish, so I ordered them.  They then sat in my stash for two months!

My plan had been to get on with making the invitations when I got back from my holidays, but I kept getting distracted by other things, and then Gilly said she would help, so I left them until she could make it home for the weekend, and as, in her words she 'had nothing better to do' last weekend, she managed to drag herself away from shopping and partying (which I'm sure is all she does on a weekend) and come see her little big sis (my other sister is the big big sis, being the eldest).

So, Saturday night, my sister treated me to a gourmet meal of pizza and garlic bread, we put on The Big Bang Theory (thank you E4) and go to work.  We set up some little workstations on my living room using boxes and had a little production line going - I would stamp, she would glitter.  It just so happens that one of the episodes of The Big Bang Theory we were watching is the one where Penny set up 'Penny Flowers' and Sheldon sets up a little assembly line for her - how apt!

Anyway, after a couple of hours, and getting glitter everywhere, we had 50 invitations made and this is the result:

We have toyed with the idea of adding some ribbon along the crease for some extra interest, but I'm not sure, and anyway I will need to get the invitations out soon as it is now only 4 months to the wedding.

The finished product is not a perfect match to Gilly's original design, but I do like them, and making them was so much easier than the original plan.  I can also use the stamps to design some Christmas cards, which I have started, but more on that later . . .

Happy Crafting!


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