Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Alberio Di Jellybean Di Zio Chris

Sooooo, my uncle (the one who lives in Scotland) had a birthday last week and I wanted to share with you the card I made him and, more importantly, the story behind it:

This is the alberio di jellybean di zio Chris card.  Roughly translated, this means ‘Uncle Chris’ Jellybean Tree’.  Confused yet?  I’ll explain.

My uncle has a magic tree in his garden.  It is a very rare tree and the only place in the whole world that it grows is my uncle’s garden.  It is a very special tree, as it is the only one known whose flowers are in fact packets of jellybeans (it has, apparently, also been known to flower packets of Maltesers).

The tree came about as my uncle certainly knows how to spin a yarn (a talent that apparently my granddad – his dad – had too), and for years he had my cousins believing in the lesser spotted and greater spotted pebble chuckers, which were apparently a type of bird who laid their eggs amongst the stones on the beach near his house in Forres.  Surprisingly, they also looked, just like said stones.  Francesca – I know you read this blog, and I’m sorry if I’ve just shattered your illusion of the lesser spotted pebble chucker, but they are not real.

Anyway, my uncle moved to Port Gordon, his kids grew up and (I think) are less likely to believe his tales, but that’s OK because my nieces came along.  About three years ago, my sister and the girls went to stop at my uncle’s for a week, and he told the girls that one of his trees was a jellybean tree.  I think, even at the young age they were, they were already wary of uncle Chris’ stories and didn’t really believe him.  So, as he can’t let anything lie and he has to take his stories to the extreme, he set about to prove that this tree was indeed a jellybean tree and did indeed grow jellybeans, so he tied packets of jellybeans to the branches.  Well, that was the nieces sold on the idea, and I think they still believe he has a genuine jellybean tree in his garden, despite the fact that by the time they returned home from this visit it was also growing maltesers.  I do believe it still flowers packets of jellybeans whenever the girls go to Scotland.

So, there is the story behind the jellybean tree.

When I was wracking my brains this year on what to put on his card, the story of the jellybean tree was stuck in my brain, so I went with that idea. 

The card was actually quite simple to make.  It was a white square blank and I cut four small squares of dotty paper left over from one of my Forever Friends decoupage kits, which I then mounted onto green or blue card.  These, I then attached to the blank in a grid.

I then cut a larger square of white card and drew the trunk and branches of a tree in brown fineliner.  Using green ink and a sponge, I then created the leaves/canopy of the tree, starting out in the centre and working out each time to give the 'leaves' depth.  I then cut out some jellybean shapes, which again had been left over from a Forever Friends decoupage set, but these could easily be made from scraps of coloured paper and card.  I then attached some of these to the green bit of the tree and some around the base of the tree, to look as though they had fallen off.

This panel was then attached to a slightly larger square of blue card, which was in turn attached to the front of the card with sticky fixers so that it stood out a little from the front of the card.

I was just going to write 'Uncle Chris' Jellybean Tree' at the bottom (in case there was any doubt as to what the card was supposed to be representing), but I thought it would be better to give it it's Latin name.  However, the free version of babelfish (a good translator) did not have Latin as an option to translate to, so I went for the nearest, which is Italian.  I wrote this translation onto a small piece of green card, which I then layered onto some green card and attached to the card underneath the jellybean tree panel.

To finish the card off, on the inside I created an 'explanation' of the jellybean tree, citing a little bit of it's story.  I wrote this on a piece of white paper and layered it onto some more green card, before attaching to the inside front of the card.

Et voila!  One jellybean tree card.  I hope he liked it.

Happy Crafting!


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