Thursday, 27 September 2012

Going to the Chapel . . .

Soooo, looking back through my blog the other day, I realised that I had only ever written one blog devoted to the romance that is weddings and anniversaries (I think).  Recently, though, weddings and anniversaries seem to be the theme, so I thought I would share with you some of my recent makes:

I'll start with some of the oldest:

This little card is a variation on one of the first cards I made (please see my previous post Wedding Wonders), but in a different colour (I made these in loads of colours).  They are simple to make and the effect is quite good if you want a non-traditional wedding card.

Then, the next wedding card I made was this one:

I really like this card and it sold pretty much straight away.  I may  not have got my history right on it (a quote from Shakespeare and a couple from the regency period), but I do think it is a very romantic card.  In case you were wondering, the paper came from a Fairytale Princess paper pack by Papermania and the ribbon around the image was from my craft stash.  I really should make another of these cards, but I have run out of that ribbon now and can't decide which of my other millions of ribbons to use.

Staying on the wedding theme, this is a more recent card:

I made this for my sister for her friend's wedding.  I used one of the Forever Friends decoupage toppers I had made from my kit (please see my previous post Forever Friends), together with some hearts backing paper, which came with the kit.  The sentiment also came with the kit.  The brief had been 'vintage' so my homage to this was the doily corner, which I inked lightly with brown ink, along with the edges of the backing paper.  To finish, I added some ivory pearls in the top right hand corner, and some cream ribbon and a bow.  I have not had a report back on this card, so I'm not sure if they liked it or not.

The final wedding card I am going to show you on this blog (before we move onto anniversary cards) is an unusual one, and took me some time thinking about it.  My brief was 'Alice in Wonderland' and for a wedding card, this is a difficult theme.  Anyway, after racking my brain for a few days, this is what I came up with:

In case you can't figure it out, this is supposed to be the mad hatter's hat.  I cut the card to shape and covered it with some grey paper from the same Fairytale Princess paper pack.  I don’t think it shows up too well on the picture, but the paper actually has little doves on it.  I then added a cream and gold ribbon around the hat.  To make the cards I downloaded images of the Kind of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts cards and photoshopped them a little so that instead of the 'K' and 'Q' on the cards, there was instead an 'M' and a 'H' for Mark and Holly.  I then attached these to the card also, behind the ribbon band.

To finish, I gold edged both the playing cards and the actual cards.  I smudged a little in the top left hand corner, but masterfully covered this with a little gold heart.  I also wrote my sentiment in gold pen along the bottom and attached some glittery hearts to either side of the sentiment.  I hoped they liked it, this one took a lot of thinking about.

Now, shall we move onto the anniversary cards I have been making recently.

I have already posted about this one (please see my previous post Ruby Ruby Ruby):

But, I liked it so much, I made another:

This one was an order from my Grandmama, and it was for a pearl wedding anniversary.  So, I decided to go with as much ivory as I could, with gold adding some colour to proceedings.  I loved making this card and especially love the sparkly ivory paper on this one (which I have now all used up, so need to go get some more), and I think this card would also make a great wedding card or a gold wedding anniversary card.  My Gran seemed impressed with it anyway, and didn't mind me charging her a bit more than my usual cards.

For the same celebrations, I also made this card as an order from my sister:

I resorted to my new fail safe - the Forever Friends decoupage toppers to which I added some Stickles glitter to the fireworks (you can't really see this in the picture but it looked really good in person, so to speak).  The background paper is some ivory mulberry paper I had in my stash and can't for the life of me think where I got it from originally.  I added two gold ribbons - a wide and a narrow, along with a bow, and wrote my sentiment in brown onto some  ivory card, adding a pearl in the corner.  Then to finish, I added a gold border around the topper and the sentiment.

My final anniversary card is one of the first ones I made with my Forever Friends decoupage kit.  This wasn't for anybody in particular and is in fact still in my stack of cards to sell at craft fairs/get around to putting on Folksy:

This one was simple once I had done the decoupage.  The backing paper came from one of the decoupage kits.  I drew faux stitching around the edge of the card, topper and a 'Happy Anniversary' sentiment, which I then attached to the card.  To finish off, I added a cream bow to the top right hand corner of the topper and two foil hearts to the top right hand corner of the card.  I also added some glitter to the flowers on the topper, although you can't see this very well in the picture.

I'm sure I'll be doing some more soon, so I will, as ever, keep you updated.  I will also (at some point) be posting a tutorial on how to do the ruby wedding anniversary card.

Happy Crafting!


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