Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Handbags at Dawn

Soooo, I've made my first ever handbag, which I have made for my step-mother (non-wicked) for her birthday, which was last Sunday.  

I have made this from some Cath Kidston oilcloth fabric, which I have never used before, so this was definitely a project of firsts.  I hope she likes it - I think she will, as she is a huge fan of Cath Kidston things, just not their prices.

I'm not entirely sure what made me decide to make her a bag, but a couple of people at work have Cath Kidstons bags, which I always admire, and I know that I couldn't afford the £29 for the smallest in the store, as it has been an expensive month this month.  What I could afford however was £8 for half a metre of my chosen fabric and £2 for a zip.

After searching in vain for a tutorial online to show me how to make one, I instead just examined the bags of the people at work to see how they are put together.  I then put together a mock-up bag from paper, to create a 'pattern' and check that I had my dimensions correct.

my little mock-up bag

Then I went and bought my pretty fabric:

my pretty Cath Kidston oilcloth fabric

Then, after it sitting in a bag in my craft room all weekend, I finally got started on making the bag.  I spread this out over a few nights.  

On the first night, I cut the fabric.  I'd originally decided to make an A4-ish size bag, but when I was cutting the fabric decided that bigger is better.  To anyone who knows me, this will come as no surprise as my bag is practically the size of a suitcase, and I do carry everything but the kitchen sink. So, the bag has ended up more shopping bag size, but to me that is normal bag size.

Then, on the second night I started to sew the bag together.  I started off my sewing in the zip, and I am very proud of myself as this is the first time I have sewn a zip in all on my own. I have always had my Grandma on hand previously to help out, but as she was in Majorca (not sunning herself though - it was apparently raining!), the pressure was on the manage on my own, and I'm happy to say I did.

I then started sewing the bag together, leaving putting the zip part in until last.  I managed perfectly OK, even navigating the corners with relative ease.  Then it came to putting in the zip part.

The first part, I manages to sew on the wrong way round, meaning the zip would be upside down.  So I had to unpick this.  Whilst doing this though, I managed to cut my finger.  Who knew that such a little pair of scissors could cause such a deep cut and hurt so much.  Anyway, I hope my step-mother (non-wicked) appreciates the literal blood sweat and tears that went into making this bag. 

Once I'd unpicked this on, I resewed in it the right way and then attempted the other side.  I managed to get this on the right way round this time, but sewed the seam inside out.  I'm still not entirely sure how I managed that, but I unpicked this one also and then sewed it on the correct way.

The, I just had to make and sew on the handles.  This was quite simple.  I simply cut two strips of fabric. folded both long edges into the centre and then folded the resulting strip in half and sewed together.  I then attached these to the bag, et voila!  one bag.

Happy Crafting!


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