Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How To: Make My Glittery Christmas Cards

Soooo, I am going to try not to bombard you with too much Christmas stuff so early, but for those of you like me who like to get a head start on things, here is my tutorial, as promised, on how to make my glittery Christmas cards.

What You Will Need

Makes 12

Card blanks – I used coloured, square blanks
Gold ribbon
Gold glitter
Double-sided sticky tape
Sticky fixers
Gold card
Dotty embossing folder and die-cutting machine/embossing machine
White card
Promarkers or similar

How To:
1.                Download the digistamps from Digistamp Boutique and print them off so you get 3 of each design onto an A4 piece of white card.  Colour to your heart’s desire.  I used Promarkers for this, but use whichever colouring technique if your favourite.

2.                   Cut these out so that each picture is in a rectangle.  These will be different sizes as some of the images are longer or wider than the others.  This doesn’t matter.

3.                   Measure each image lengthways and widthways and cut a piece of gold card 1cm bigger each way.

4.                   Using a dotty embossing folder, emboss the gold card.

5.                   Attach your image to the gold card using sticky fixers if you want to make it stand out from the card, or double sided sticky tape if you would like it to lie flat.  Put these to one side for now.

6.                   Take a card blank and measure a piece of gold ribbon so that it is as wide as the card.  Using double sided sticky tape, attach the ribbon to the centre of the card.

7.                   Around the edge of the ribbon attach more double sided sticky tape, ensuring that you cover each edge of the ribbon fully.

8.                   Apply gold glitter.

You could avoid having to use glitter by using some very glittery ribbon (much tidier – I was cleaning up glitter for days!).

9.                   Now, attach one of your images centrally over the ribbon, again using either sticky fixers or double sided sticky tape.

10.               Repeat for all cards.

I used three different coloured card blanks because that is how they came in my pack of card blanks, and attached one of each image to each colour.

This card is easily adapted to other colour schemes and card shapes.

Enjoy making yours.

Happy Crafting!



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