Monday, 17 September 2012

Iiiiit's Christmas

Soooo, I know its only September, but in my house that means Christmas preparations can start.  I’ve always started Christmas early – I have a big family and I have organisational OCD – but since I started my little Fairy Elephants, I feel that I should start even earlier to get bits and pieces ready to sell.  So, I’ve already started on the cards.  In fact, most of these were made in August.  Other bits and pieces will follow.

My first makes were these cards:

I’d actually had the images downloaded from since July, and had been painstakingly colouring in sheets of them since then.  I used a mixture of Letraset Promarkers and good old Berol fine felt tips (as the red and black Promarkers have a tendency to bleed).  I then cut out the images and made the cards.  These are the subject of a How To tutorial in the not so distant future, so I won’t go into too much detail on these now. 

Then, last month, the first Christmas issue of Let’s Make Cards arrived (eventually), with a Christmas card kit, and I chose to make two cards from it initially.

This first one is one of my favourites, and I shall be stealing and adapting the design  to make a batch of my own Christmas cards.

This was a very simple card to make using a blank, a strip of decorative paper and some toppers.  I’m currently in the middle of cutting out what feels like a million Christmas trees (I really should have bought a die – but this occurred to me after the event) to make my own batch of these cards.  I may even do a How To tutorial on these as they are so easy to do.

This second card was a bit more fiddly, as it involved cutting out pictures for decoupage and making my own envelope to fit the blank, but I do like the results and I especially like the dotty ribbon – now I just need to find some more of that.

I’ve had a few magazines now with Christmas ideas – I just need to get around to making them all – and I’m sure all magazines up until Christmas will have lots of ideas and inspiration, so I will keep you posted on all my makes.

Happy Crafting!


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