Monday, 8 October 2012

Charm Offensive

Sooo . . . my mother has been harping on at me recently about, amongst many other things, the fact that I should get some little labels to sew into my bags so people know who made them.  Although, for some reason, in her head (and bearing in mind she remembers conversations that haven't happened) she thinks that my business is called 'HFG'.  I can't get it into her head at all that it is Fairy Elephants.

I can see her point slightly that I do really need to identify myself.  So, when insomnia struck the other night (exhaustion + insomnia make a very interesting combination - I am considering becoming nocturnal to see if that will help), I decided to sit in my craft room and wait for inspiration to strike.  And strike it did . . .

Using my little sketch which my logo derives from, and my shrink plastic which I have been dying to use since I bought it (although I was going to make buttons - I'll do that later), I made myself a little charm.

I had the frosted shrink plastic so no sanding was required - I could just draw straight onto the frosted side.  I traced through the plastic using black fineliner the picture of my fairy elephant and then cut it out into a circle.  I then punched a single hole near the top left of the elephant.  Then, it was time to shrink.  This could have been done in the oven (and let's face it, my oven doesn't get used for anything else), but I thought I would try using my heat gun.

Using a wooden skewer to hold the plastic down (as advised), I heated the plastic.  After panicking a little, because it really curled up and I thought it would get stuck, the circle straightened itself out a bit and eventually my elephant had shrunk and my charm was done.

I threaded some twine through the hole and attached it to the bag I finished making on Sunday morning.

I shall now be making some more of these to attach to all the bags I make.  I'm now just wondering if you can print onto shrink plastic, because this would be a lot easier for me. I shall have to do some research.

Happy Crafting!


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