Wednesday, 17 October 2012

In The Night Garden

Sooooo, this blog post kind of follows on from my Hannah Montana rant a few months back, so I am warning you and apologising in advance for the rant that follows:

A couple of weeks ago, I got a large order from a colleague - a little lunch bag and four personalised Christmas cards for her grandchildren.  It seems early for Christmas card orders I know, but some people are like me and super organised, and anyway, one of her grandchildren lives in Australia so will need posting quite far in advance.

Anyway, within this order was a request for a Christmas card themed around In The Night Garden.  As anyone who knows me knows, I am morally against this children's programme.  Not only am I convinced that, like The Magic Roundabout and Tellytubbies, the creators are clearly on drugs, it is simply not suitable for children.

For a start, Iggle Piggle is just a little git, and is teaching young children not to go to bed when they are supposed to.  Oopsie Daisy has questionable morals - I mean, her skirt pops up when Iggle Piggle is near, not something we need to be teaching the younger generation.  I wonder if there will be a noticeable increase in teenage pregnancies in ten or so years time?

Anyway, on to the other members of the 'cast'.  Makka Paka, although clearly has OCD for cleaning, does not cause me too many issues.  This could be due to my own OCD tendencies, but I think he could maybe do with getting some professional help.  And, if he is old enough to be living on his own, he is too old to be writing that sodding scooter - he needs to pass his driving test.  The tombliboos (spelt wrong, probably I know, simply worry me as they seem to have no feet, but so far, I can't find much else wrong with them, and will somebody please buy the Whattingers and the Pontipines (again, I know they are probably spelt wrong) a TV each.  Surely it would be better than producing all those children?  I'm surprised they haven't lost one or two yet.

Anyway, rant over, shall we move onto the card?

I did voice my concerns to my colleague about In The Night Garden and explained that it would be practically killing me to make a card featuring such morally abject characters, but she was quite insistent.  So, I sat down a couple of weekends ago and made the card . . .

I struggled to find a Christmassy picture with In The Night Garden characters, so I decided to adapt an everyday picture but copying the image and then adding a santa hat to Iggle Piggle, a halo and fairy wings to Oopsie Daisy , to make her into a Christmas angel (I know, I know!  totally wrong), and I turned Makka Paka and a Tombliboo into elves and added some mistletoe to 'legitimise' the kiss between Iggle Piggle and Oopsie Daisy so to speak.  The image isn't great, but please bear in mind that I was drawing free-hand, so I don't think the result is too bad.

I then coloured the image in using promarkers.  I used the blender pen on Iggle Piggle, and it gave a lovely effect, making him look like the plush 'toy' he is.  Then I layered this image onto a rectangle of blue trees paper from one of Lili of the Valley's new paper pads.  I drew a border on this and then layered this onto some blue spotty paper from the same paper pack, to which I added blue faux stitching around the edge.

In the bottom right hand corner, although you can't see it too great in the picture, I heat embossed three Christmas trees using a stamp I got free with an issue of Crafts Beautiful a couple of months ago.

I then wrote the sentiment on white card and cut this out using some wavy scissors.  I drew a silver border following the outline of the wavy cutting and the attached this to a piece of blue scrap card.  I then attached this at an angle to the card.  The whole thing was then attached to a white card blank.

To finish, I added glitter to Oppsie Daisy's fairy wings and the mistletoe, and a bow made from blue twine to the sentiment.

I think I did OK on this card, bearing in mind my objections and the fact that the image is hand-drawn.  I suppose it wasn't too bad to make and I got to try out a few different techniques and use my pretty new papers.  I'm sure I will have some more cards to show you soon.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting!


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