Thursday, 18 October 2012

Isn't It Amazing What You Can Do With Jeans?

Soooo, this project harks from a project in the latest issue of Sew magazine.  

My friend, Nat, had asked for a knitting bag for her birthday, and having decided that all the ones out there available to buy were a bit 'granny',  I decided I would make her one.  This is the end result:

So, this bag is made from an old pair of my fiance's jeans.  In fact, the jeans are not that old, but they simply don't fit him any more.

The bag was made by cutting the legs off the jeans, and then using the legs to make the bottom of the bag and the handles.

The lining is made from some fabric from my fabric stash.  I tried to coordinate everything by using fabric with pink hearts and flowers on, stick on pink and purple flowers as embellishment, and then the 'belt' is made from a long shoe lace which has pink hearts on. I toyed with the idea of putting a zip in, but instead decided on a popper fastening instead.

The bag was actually quite simple to make in theory.  However, the article in the magazine failed to mention the difficulties you can have when sewing through more than two layers of denim.  I had real difficulty sewing on the handles, as the belt loops kept getting in the way and causing issues.  Same problem when I tried to sew in the lining.  In the end, I hand sewed the handles and the lining, taking a lot longer than I hoped to. 

Still, it was a one evening project and something I would make again.  At least now I know how to avoid the frustrating aspects and where to just give up and hand sew.

Happy Crafting!


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