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Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 40 (October 2012)

Sooooo, sorry this review is a couple of days late, but I have been trying to make a project from this issue to show you.  I have also made a start on making up the free gift, but I haven't finished that yet!

So, what is there to find in this month's issue.

Shall we start off with the freebie?  Sew seem to have stopped with the free patterns, much to my disappointment as this is why I started buying the magazine, but instead this month we have a free Christmas Jingle Bells garland kit.  It does include everything you will need, bar a needle, which would have been helpful, because then I could have made it (or at least some of it) in my lunch break at work on Friday after I had been to collect the magazine.  It also doesn't include templates for the shapes you need to cut out, which I found to my disadvantage, as I made my shapes slightly too big, and I can't draw stars, or snowflakes so it would seem.  Anyway, I have my shapes cut out and I have started to decorate them.  I might actually have this done by Christmas.  It also inspired me to order some more jingle bells from Ebay so I can be really annoying with my Christmas decorations this year.

Next most important, as far as I'm concerned anyway, are the giveaways.  This issue, you could win a Janome sewing machine, a Sizzix Big Shot with dies from the new Hello Luscious range, tickets to the Ideal Home Show and a set from Fenella Smith.  There is also a money off voucher for Hobbycraft.  I am a particular fan of the giveaways at the moment because I have just won some tickets to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate in November. 

The cover project in this issue is collars for cardigans.  These are a cute little idea for jazzing up an otherwise plain and boring cardigan, and the designs in the magazine are removable to allow for easy washing of the cardigan.  The magazine has instructions on a beaded collar, a feather collar and a fabric rosette collar. 

This issue also has a more complex beaded collar from Corinne Bradd with a matching bangle and earrings

The How Tos in this issue include:

·         Dip-dyeing with food colouring
·         Insert a centred zip
·         Upcycling a pair of brogues

Machine Spotlight has some great, but expensive sewing machines this month, but then again, they are mostly quilting and embroidery machine.  Oh, if only I had a spare £4,5k.

Dressmaking SOS has been very useful this month, with hints and tips for all, including how to take up the hem on a pair of trousers, now to adapt a too-low top, and how to turn baggy jeans into skinny jeans.  I'm still a fan of the baggy jeans (I don’t like to draw attention to my dodgy body shape) so will not be trying this one out for myself anyway.  Jeans seem to be the theme this issue, as there is also a jeans bag for you to make.  This is the project I have been trying out and here is the result:

I won't bore you with my ranting about this one just yet, I will save that for another post.

There is a brilliant feature on the up and coming talent from Graduate Fashion week.  These are the ones to keep an eye on.  And Business Bites looks at workshops - what's involved, how to set up, what you need etc.  There is also a Leather Masterclass, which caught my eye, probably due to the recent influx of bag orders.  However, what really got my attention was the little section on glove making.  I think I may look into this a little bit more . . .

Other projects in the magazine include:

·         a quilted flamingo bag
·         embroidered shirts
·         a no-pattern skirt
·         a vintage necklace and earrings
·         a botanical gardens quilt
·         hot water bottle covers
·         games holders and
·         plush monsters

Sew Vintage has an interview with Sew It Over writer, Lisa Comfort, who also runs a sewing café in London.  This is an amazing idea and I think we could do with something similar in Leeds - a place where you can go and do your sewing, but having someone on hand to help you if you get stuck/frustrated.

I have to say that one of my favourite, and most useful, features in this issue was how to draw your own patterns.  This is something I have been starting to look into - I wanted to take a course but couldn't find any evening ones in my area, so this may only be the basics, but it is a start.  I now know more than I did before I started reading it anyway, and now I know that I need to buy a French curve and a hip curve, along with a spiked transfer wheel.  I may one day, when I have Christmas and all my surrounding events, out of the way, attempt my own pattern.

On the whole, this is a really good issue and I would advise anyone to buy it.  There is a project for everyone.  In the meantime, I'm going to maybe finish making my garland.

Happy Crafting!


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