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Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 41 (November 2012)

Soooooo, many apologies that this review is late – I had to wait until pay day to go buy the magazine – still waiting for a good subscription offer.  I am doing the ultimate in multi-tasking to bring you this post – I am writing it whilst travelling back from Doncaster to see my lovely friend, Bex, who has just moved there to run her new pub – The Eden Arms – lovely pub, do go visit.  I have a feeling you will shortly see some of my makes there.  I used to make all sorts for her old pub and help with the decoration.  Sadly, I’m a bit too far away to help with decoration now, but I can still provide makes.  I’m also testing out my touch-typing skills here, as I can’t see a thing other than my screen.  I should be good at this, being a secretary and all, but maybe the movement is putting me off.

Anyway, on to the review:  I think that this issue was definitely worth the wait – there are loads of great projects and features, and a cute little freebie – a Christmas peg angel kit.  I’ve not finished making mine yet – otherwise occupied making bags - but I have started it and will maybe take it to work with me to finish one lunchtime.  I’ll no doubt blog about it as some point as it is a lovely idea and I would like to find time to make some with the nieces.

Featured on the front cover is a cute no-pattern shrug, the instructions for which can be found inside the magazine.  It really does look quite simple and the magazine has styled it for day and night.  I’m not too sure about the one styled for daytime, but then again it is not the type of thing I would wear anyway, but I do like the one styled for evening.  Again, I probably wouldn’t wear it, but it is something I could picture my (quite trendy) step-mother (non-wicked) wearing.

I love the little straw clutch bag in this issue, which is made from a woven place mat.  I think this would make  a great bag for spring.  It looks pretty simple to make, so I may have a go after Christmas (which is the next time I think I have chance to try something like this!).  I’m not too keen on the embellishment shown in the magazine, but this will easily be changed to my own taste, or I think it would also look good left plain, with the decoration around the sides providing colour and interest.

I am also very much in love with the Liberty girls’ dress, which can be styled with both short sleeves and without sleeves.  I really like the sleeveless design and I am willing myself to find time to make this for my youngest niece.  She can never have too many dresses!  Although she is not a girly girl she does love her dresses and probably changes on average three times a day so she can wear more dresses.  Anyway, back to the dress . . . This design has a lovely tie belt which perfectly finishes the dress.  I do also like the sleeved version, but maybe not as much as I don’t think it would suit my niece as much.

The Dorothy Apron is a great way of using up those left over scraps of fabric, as it is a patchworked pinny – Very useful and looks amazing.  I hope to find time to try this out myself, as it seems, once you have the patchwork done, it is easy to make up.  It could be one of those projects that you could pick up and put down whilst you are doing the patchwork and then not take too long to finish off.  It even has pockets for your utensils etc.  Tres handy!

There is also a festive apron for kids, which I would like to make for my nieces.  It even has little reindeer on it.  Maybe if I have a spare afternoon next weekend (fingers crossed) I will be able to run one of these up.  It doesn’t look too difficult and doesn’t require any expensive fabrics – polycotton will do.  I think that this could also be easily adapted away from the Christmas theme – just change the colours and the motif.

Dressmaking SOS I have found particularly useful this month as it has advice on how to make princess seams fit those amongst us that are gifted in the buxom area.  I didn’t know this, but most patterns with princess seams are designed to fit a B cup – definitely no good for my H cups! Or in fact most of the people I know.  It also has advice on French seams (perfect when sewing chiffon) and rolled hems.

Sticking with the techniques of dressmaking, there is an amazing feature on couture, including an interview with the previous dressmaker to HM The Queen (can you imagine having that job?!), Alison Pordum.  This also has guidance on how to make and add a scalloped edge to a piece, and how to line without facings (something I am trying at the moment for a project – but I’ve just been making it up as I go along (as I do).  I seem to have been doing it pretty much correctly thoough – I will be blogging about this at some point, so keep checking back).

Other projects and features in this issue include:
·         Sewing Machine Spotlight, which this month features high end machines;
·         The Sewing Room, which has an interview with Bridget & Co owner, Debbie Peasley.  I love the kids clothes that she designs – gorgeous trendy clothes, but still keeping kids as kids, rather than them growing up too quickly, as they seem to do these days;
·         A 70s style patchwork pouffe.  I like the idea of this, but I’m not sure I would be able to make it.  Maybe one day, when I have the whole day free (that would be never then);
·         An embroidered handbag in Woodland Handbag;
·         Advice on Christmas lines in Business Bites;
·         An interview with Jacqui Pearce, who does all things cross-stitched and oversized;
·         A log cabin quilt by Corrine Bradd – I will make one of these one day;
·         Bollywood-style bunting;
·         Baby bibs;
·         A make-up brush roll from Anthea Turner;
·         Get the Look talks full length and fabulous; and
·         Sarah Jane Baxter talks sparkles in My Vintage Life.

The giveaways this month are:
·         Tickets to The Clothes Show Live
·         Bundles of Mysterious Pom Pom Trim from My Fabric House;
·         A Husqvama Opal 670 sewing machine.

As I say, I think it was definitely worth the wait for this issue.  Still not the best subscription gift, so I will have to remember to put some money aside for it this month so I can buy the new issue when it is out.

Don’t forget to check back for the results of my attempt at making the Christmas peg angel.

Happy Crafting!


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